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Four Player Continuous Passing

A quick drill to focus the players before going into a session or at the start of a match day warm up.

Video Subtitles

Hi. My name is Tom Drake hitter. I'd be here at the University. What we're looking at today is a continuous passing drill. The drill starts with four players on the five meter line from the try line. The first player starts with the ball Runs Out to the try line passes the back. Each player is about two and a half three four meters apart from each other and as a continuous roll, when I guess the full person he passes back to the person inside of and it carries on like this. So really easy warmer primer or just a quick hands drill. What else you could do here? Here as a progression if you're in seventh season is that you pull it back and you play the person on the end. So I'm going to guess the ball to the end, he gets the five mutant line, he turns and it pulls it back so I can pull out or a pullback and sevens to a person where he was standing. Just try to imitate a match situation in a drill and getting close to communicate, remembering always that. It's an early hand catch for transfer across the chest and a nice follow-through hands. Target.