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Full Competitive Warm Up

Heres a full warm up focussed on agility that adds a competitive element to engage your players and mentally prepare them for the session!

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But today I think it's just to get in the right mindset before the session starts. What we were guilty of last season and slow starts in matches the transition from training to matches I think is a big thing. And the reason we've changed that is for that particular reason to make them switch on straight from the outset and maintain that consistency right throughout the session. So the idea behind this exercise is what we're looking at is as you can see, we've got a bit of an arch and what's happening is you've got the lead runner who is taking off on their own and their own time. They choose a side that they want to go to as well and then the person behind them has to sort of chase them around so it becomes a little bit of a competition and it's obviously about Speed and Agility to be able to maintain that curve and maintain speed as they go around as well whilst under a little bit of pressure. Keep working boys. Keep working good speed. Keep working. Keep working So as you can see happening in this exercise is you've got two players one player has to go to the blue one player has to go to the red. You've got a white line here. That's kind of like the area that they can play in and essentially it's just a 1v1 situation where they have to use footwork keep the ball in two hands and then try and manipulate the the defender. So it's a 1v1 situation in this short space. So on this first one here. Who's going to be defending your watch miles of work round the blue cone as he comes around. He will scan, look for where Matt comes around the red cone and then hopefully try to take into one area. So he's pulled him in and he's looked to have gone to the far wide there. So that's just one example of what you can do with this. Okay. So what you're seeinghere is is a bit of an agility exercise where they're starting against two coneshere they have to work around and then they have to work around the opposite side and around the opposite side again, so it would be left right left right or right left right left. So that's that working at speed looking to use the whole body to manipulate to be able to push off square up push off square up push off and then be able to push through as they go through here. Again, it's just a competition as well in the constantly looking to compete against each other. So as you can see, you've got two cones set in the middle to and on either side. They're blue side on one side red side on the other they start in the middle. Essentially. It's a competition to beat each other. It's about speed but it's about speed in terms of being able to hit a line put the foot into it turn nice and square and then power off and then do the exact same thing on the other side again. We're all of these it's about it's got a level of competition in it and that's pretty good because it really pushes, you know, both athletes to be able to actually have a benchmark and then be able to compete against each other and hopefully as a result of that become stronger and stronger and better and better at the exercise. When you look at what we what we're trying to do. We're trying to physically develop them and build them. We're also trying to mentally develop them as well. And I think actually the for me the mental side of the game is massive and especially at the higher end of the game where the pressure becomes more. And so these guys are having to make decisions that are challenging decisions with less time under more pressure be it visual be auditory be it physical so they they have to be able to replicate this and they have to be able to see what it looks like in training. So any opportunity that we can put an element of competition and a little bit of fight into into what it is that we're doing. I think it probably without them knowing it a little bit of reverse psychology. They're kind of they're competing. They're competing they're competing and so that builds standards not just physically but it builds standards mentally as well.