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Fun Sessions for Young Players - Start with Safety

We all want our sessions to be fun, but it all starts with the set-up, safety and reassurance from coaches. Particularly for young players. Achieve that and you will have a fun, productive session.

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Brother, let me do some contact exercises or women about to tackle. It's very important that we do a warm-up that we do a contact warm up. So I would like you and you are my guinea pigs. You're in the white everybody else to this side right link arms. So you're going to you're going to try and force each other down to the ground on the left what we what's important technically to be put our arms out to stop and fend you're full. Where can you injure yourself? Hand or you rest anything else elbow and shoulder. So it's really important. This is very important. If you're being forced to the ground and when you being tackled, you don't put your arm down. So one of the key things that coach has to do is create an environment where people feel confident and there are many ways to make people feel confident. First of all is clearly understanding what the coach wants of you. Okay. So what's going to happen here is Bert is going to tackle he's going to do what's called cheek to cheek. So in there so your cheek when you end up with a tackle your face cheek on your bum cheek. So you're going to tackle here head head that side shoulder in tackle over wrap your arms. Okay. We're just going to do one side first. Okay, Bertie ready go arms round good. So where's Burt his cheek? Right on his bum Shake. That's exactly that's really good technique. Then it's the way in which we create the environment about that player that makes them feel good about themselves and one key thing to think about is the way in which we give feedback particularly on the positive. The interesting thing is that if we constantly give feedback on what they're not doing. Well their confidence tends to drop their self-esteem goes down with it. And as a result, the things are actually good at they tend to drop as well. I'd like you to think in a slightly different way when you give them feedback when you giving coaching try to identify the positive try and look for those things. They really good at and get them even better at those things try to promote positive rugby. So just get them involves much you can use constant praise and really pick on the positives if you can find something constructive then say it but make sure that you understand why try their brilliant. Okay. Where is he? What's your name there? What's he just done? Yeah, it's in the first two titles really well as well. You did exactly what I told him to he saw what he's going to tackle use the shoulder and he squeezed really hard. So Brig big praise the married the first two tackles fantastic.