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Game to coach Depth

Ex England Sevens coach Russell Earnshaw talks through the importance of depth and keeping "Connected". He uses a simple exercise to work on various techniques and makes it competitive to keep the intensity high

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last 15 seconds for my Mass is correct. I can't fight for tax. That's it. And it's just a full V2 and you can extend it out. You can go 5v3. You can you can manipulate the constraints really and with that it's you can coach attacking Coast offense. You can spot where they're good spot where there's deficiency. So certainly an attack. It's about staying Square having options either side knowing what our shape looks like. So guys wide Playmakers in the middle and in defense it's about you've got to go forward. So changing the mindset too often. You'll watch watch a lot of skill will be in the seven sighs. They'll often just stay in this nice line where there's no one really advancing So within this situation, you've got to go forward and you've got to stay connected to the to you got to work really hard together and it's it happens really quickly. It's a bit chaotic and they'll be mistakes. But that's the guess that's where we learned pretty simple. Rondo, so we're going to have two guys in defense defending that area and then four of you on a tack, we'll make it competitive says many once you score will keep a record serum. You can score if you fail to school then we'll remove some new attackers in and so you got two groups of four sets of two guys to be organizing away from the practice. So tell me you can score on the bounce. Once you stop screwing they can go so with this practice. We're trying to score. Well good. Well done play two passes for attackers to defenders in a small space trying to find Space to well done getting them working back to get deep and some of the movement skills as well in the middle. Nice. Well done three nice for and again, Okay, so never okay we can so so tell me so let's look at this from an attacking point of view what we thought what are we trying to achieve the purpose? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what would a good attacking shape look like deep only deep and wide so we can have four players how many we're going to put wide probably one on each end and then get up Playmakers in the middle and the guys on the end. You got to keep working hard on your depth. Okay defense. What's the purpose of this for defense? Yeah. The inside yeah talking with your assignment. So try and stay Square try and stay connected. So two of you working together, you got to take chances here a little bit as well. So this is a high-tempo making quick decisions. Okay next for up. Beguile. You ready to run the show? Okay. Let's do it. Another line now not only have an exfoliant good work Max well done in defense mode growls. Fly one has one pass. There's two passes good well done two tries. Three tries to put this on your highlights video channels 5 look for days. Okay, we're gonna go for a minute. I'm going to play defense against attack. So if you score you get a point if they stop you they get a point. It's going to be pretty hard work this for a minute good nice and square pairs to one gripe all lovely can adjust which atoms to all Three to give you a 4-2. The for free time's up and it's about when you're really tired and you can see how tired they were. Then it's being able to deliver in those moments. I just think you can get a much better blow on their low much more while they're doing games than as opposed to running around in one of the shuttles certainly with the sevens do the huge proportion of our fitness through games. There might be times where for probably, you know, a psychological effect. We might do a bit of a bee sting so to say but then we would then go straight into skills of that. Anyway, it wouldn't be something we would necessarily do in isolation. The majority is really playing games manipulating the constraints in terms of Defenders attackers the time period the size of the area and just hopefully getting the players to solve the problems and they solve some problems there. It's really about getting some problems when they're really tired.