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I Had To Change The Way I Coach

Mike Ford changed his coaching style, it's a brave thing to admit you were not coaching the right way. How do you coach?

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Didn't from that day. I changed my way I coached and it took a while at buff to the players to change remember courts in England 2009 Six Nations, and I told a taller player were to stand in training and I told him again the day after because I told him it doesn't nessen. I didn't necessarily confirm that he knew were to stand when he was on his own. I didn't confirm the learning so we went out and play it again silent. It's wicked him. He was in the wrong position and I said to Martin Johnson I said, well I told him where to stand am articles. Yeah. No, I was stood next year when you told him but we're missing a trick. You know, it's not what I know where he's just done the he needs to know what he needs to stand. So I needed to confirm that learning and I never did and from that day. I changed my way of Coach assigned for Wigan in 1983 and you have caught cheese, but you look back away. You were caught back then in the 80s and 90s and it was Moisture tell environment where you got tall what to do and if you didn't do what you got told you probably didn't get selected coaches involved so much now it's pretty much Play Led environments. There's player empowerment. You give the players the tools to perform at the weekend, but ultimately they're decide which tool to use and you know, they have a lot of say no the game should be played and how you should be training. So certainly a battle of bit. It's a very much a play Led environment and I think that's the difference. We caught his bath never tell we ask questions. We want to know what the players know if I want to know what the players know, I need to ask them are not need to tell them what I think you know, so