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Identify Attacking Options

A few drills that will help the attackers identify space in attack and work on how to exploit it!

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Progression for what we're doing now is we're going to break it down even more and start with just going to some really simple to V ones to attack as one Defender. I'm going to set you up just coming around the cone and a little grid here and then we're going to go into some three V2s. We defense coming from different angles. Okay. Let's see if we can put that into practice now just you guys are attacking. It's just a simple to Handy touch around the cone here. I'll hit you with a ball one Defender around that. I really go good nice X and that's good but work. You go. They will get it. Let's go who wants good? Hey lovely good really good show good. That's what we spoke about little show. The ball Defenders disappeared. You take the whole lovely ready to go. Good. Nice timing. Good. Excellent ball to me. What can we do in that situation? If you got a Defender, hey chaps, let's cutting off both options gun. Yeah trying to keep the ball in the hand here. Go you could even take the contact. Yeah, but about that time another pass give it a little bit early got to be deeper and you give that the past that little bit earlier and the guy outside if he's been coming on at PACE. This guy won't be able to turn from this angle to get back over here Willy, okay, but you're gone down that alley here. We had no chance to get the ball away. So an earlier past we've communication. Okay, let's go. My first pump maybe could have gone. Good idea Ed execution really good. Okay, let's just give that ball a little bit earlier really go. Good. Hey lovely dummy could show. Okay, let's pick the green. So two Defenders on the green each time a defense swaps. We've got 3 V 2. Okay, you guys are defending together. These guys are not attacking. Okay makes sense. This pulls a little bit slippery voice to make sure you get your hands up three two one. Let's go. Give it give it good finish it finish it finish it. We got yellow and yellow lovely. Okay, really play good. Oh, okay. That's where the space was. Come back down right decision. That's where the space was. Just execution of past. Okay, Two Reds. Let's go to Red's free, too. Good fixing fixing in the middle. There's the space. Well, don't stay alive. Good pick out. Nice that will do good in an Ideal World chaps when you got two Defenders here, you got two Defenders here in the spaces on the outside. What do we need to do here and here fix the my case of the first man if he does his job fixes in here, then you create a two on one out there, don't you? Okay ready? Where's this place? Good boy is the spice whether they run run run good fine. Go good at Life's good now get your hands on the ball. Lovely. Hey, excellent boo to defend his chaps green to Greens to Greens really scoop it up and play. Okay lovely little show look after. Oh nice out the back door. That'll do us.