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Improve Ball Presentation and Handling

This exercise from London Scottish works to maintain high levels of both ball presentation and handling skills at the same time.

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Okay fellows. All you doing is you just you just running towards the the white cones, and we're just pulling the ball back if I shout down whoever's got the ball. I want you to drop with the work that we were working on yesterday on the floor work. So the presentation skills, so we're give me some key points. Two hands on the ball score the try full extension anything else. Sorry. Yeah. It's not the hips yet. Good. Okay turn away from the ball than the threat is brilliant. Okay, let's go get down. Take it away. That's it. Take it right out. Yeah, go good. Okay, let's go get it done. Get it done to him. Let's go. Yep now work it back now work it back. So there's someone there Good. Let's go. Keep working up. Pop it up to Bobby pop it up. Keep working cross. Go. Good good, pop it up work it down. Go. Let's go good. Good good work on the floor there. Working keep working. Just keep burning down go. It's not those hips more sup. It's not those ships. Good Bobby. Good good. Good good. Yeah, so I was looking at two at two skills in one. So yesterday we were working on some some floor presentation work. So the last year a little bit guilty of being a bit lazy in our presentation on the floor Curry into ground with one hand. So it's easy to dislodge the ball. We were folding under and rotating, you know into traffic rather than away from it. So the threats that you know that were we really wanted to move away from were actually having an easier opportunity to go for the ball. We were also a little bit lazy on the floor are dynamism wasn't wasn't quite right so we weren't using our body in a really proactive way on the ground to to work hard and get the ball back. So yesterday worked on some of that putting putting some some effort. So, you know key minimum standards getting them to really reach in that tackle two hands on the ball score the try work hard snap the hips roll under away from threat and then work hard to be able to get the ball back. So coupling that with the handling work that I've been doing the boys this this week in particular just keeping them nice and square onto a comb moving the ball with really good disciplines around our catch pass moving the ball up and down and then just randomly highlighting one of them with the ball in hand to go right school, you know present so they had to think quickly and then score present go through those minimum standards and then Pop the ball up and then start moving the ball back down again and and it's just just a way of kind of throwing into different completely different skills into one exercise and challenging them to see if they can maintain the standards of both.