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Jackling & Turnovers - Key skills

To often coaches go straight to working on areas of the game without breaking a specific skill into its multiple parts. Not only is this less effective but can be dangerous and lead to bad habits. This clip shows you how to approach the turnover

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We're going to look particularly to defensive breakdown. So probably leading into the tackle. Just post a tackle the work that you do around to obviously hopefully steel opposition ball or affect ball speed. So again, I'm looking for Matt to try and get body of the tag of Pi supporting his own body weight side the ball trying to grip on the ball and just looking for the defender to try and shifting with the shrilly. So it's almost stopping the ball. Try to find good strong lower body position ride the hit when you're ready. Why is a strong? Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. one more Okay good. So, let's see again just speeding through and also encouraging the guys to do is get up contest for the ball. Now the same point that we talked about there technically. What do we need to foreground first hips up? He's made that tackle. What do we think the first thing that we need Dennis to get up? Okay, so Show release but he's got to get up first to show the release. I'm asking which which part of and we one popped up first. That's it. So we work really hard on popping his ass up. Show me again. Beautiful now. Can you do it all in one motion? Those nipples are stinging. There we go. Perfect. So that's again until technical Point. Thanks very much. The technical Point are we looking for again? First thing up? Always like you said give that back side up making sure you show positive position always hips up first once your hips up you can show at least you can still keep hidden chest over the ball and you can start to attack it. Okay, so when we break this down, I just want you to recover further up. So hips first great position feet need to be way. Wide probably shoulder width apart not too wide, but they more importantly need to be up against the bag where those riffs. Okay. Why do we want his feet up? What does it show you that he supported his body weight. Perfect. So looking at these guys here to get their feet up if he's feature at the back, but you feel out the back even more now lean on the bag. Okay looks to me like all of that weight sake talked about earlier why it's going through the shoulders. That's poor shape more often than not you just look at it. Go now that doesn't look great doesn't look like he's supporting is what if he's feet her up looks a whole lot better. I'm not ready Legs. Goodbye Five fights till the ball. Take the ball away with you. Perfect. So we need to test his body position over the ball the seven number one love a demo here, please to decide on good. Gone is only sales. What is the need to do then? Let's go for more. Can you be quicker? Yeah, Kenny's body height go down earlier. Yep, it's go again. Then James Gunn you had some feedback there.