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Kick accurately - Technical Points

The box kick is an important tool in modern rugby tactics. A well-executed box kick along with a strong kick-chase can put teams under a lot of pressure, forcing errors, gaining territory and often reclaiming the ball. This video focuses specifically on how the ball should be struck for distance and accuracy. This can be transferred to punt kicks as well.

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Yeah, I think the the kicking game in particular your aerial skills are huge partner of the modern game and like you say will dictate a lot someone like Kieran read who New Zealand use on a cross kick sand on the and then restarts if you've got players like that who are very effective in the aired. It does give you a good Advantage everything parallel. So so when you're practicing do everything it's the speed you would expect if they were trying to charge you down. Make sure it's live. We'll make sure everything's coming through parallel to the touchline each time. Alright and you're connecting and all you need to change then is the trajectory of your light timing of the leg really? Well, everything should stay the same but it's there if you're going through or the trajectory is coming higher if you put it up. Good again, where do we think? We want to be kicking the ball if we're looking for a high trajectory underwear? Okay, where do we want the ball pointing? I don't know. All right, if you were kicking it long, where would you want the ball pointing? Like like I could go on the taste of sight your foods like upon me where I keep it light. Why because that way because you can kick through the ball that way. Okay, so we're kicking through the length of the ball. So all right, you came through the lens of all, why would you kick it on the on the Sweet Spot through the lens the bolts and get it down there because I don't know go on try it sir. I need to visualize say it. You kicking it like that and you have to ask you something. We kick it through the ball. Then the momentum of the ball takes it like that but it's still go forward as opposed to if you go like that then the ball goes down so it becomes a grubber kick and he thought I'd seen kick through the bullets. It's a much more sweet from would you if I'm butchering all mum kicking because Mouse click away I if I'm keeping a diary. Yeah get through. Why because it's more more of your if you're not kicking trick that you're slicing. Okay? All right. So where's the ball pointing when you're kicking light you to where you want to go? All right, because you're kicking through the length of the ball. What's the difference between that and we're we're kicking in your pointing up. Alright. So again all were doing is pointing the ball the way we want it to go. Now in this window. We wanted to go more up because the wind will take it if the wind was against us pointed into a little and still kick through the length of the ball low. Yeah, so we're kicking through the lens the ball on The Sweet Spot happy. So get that, right? Yeah, you will naturally get that if you kick it here, you will naturally get that backwards speed but if you try and get that backwards spin, it will take a lot of the power out of your kick because you're not kicking through the length of the ball. You're kicking you get what I mean? Yeah. So so look at it. So here we go. That's the power there if you hear it. Oh, man. Yeah. Okay now yeah, you see what I mean? Yeah. So make sure we're using the power of the ball to get that. Hang time. All right, practice people axle Africa free Dupree Danny kaye's kicking game has come on massively. Everybody kicks the ball so accurately now and you know, you look at Australia always very good at Players like Matt Burke Etc who are so dominant in the air, you know, I think it's a huge part of the game now attacking kicks that you get any air to challenge the refs will you know, the reasons we talked about earlier in terms of player wealthy. I think they're starting to get the majority of those decisions spot on now. So Keen 36 years young for putting in the diagonal and it's taken immediately.