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Modern Coaching at Oaklands College

This clip provides a summary of how coaches at Oaklands college - Saracens academy partners - approach training and provide some examples of both "What to coach" and "How to coach"

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If I want to develop and become the best, it's the ability that they can go watch top teams play. So, you know, we're lucky that we are affiliated with saracens who are potentially probably one of the best teams. So they're very lucky now, it's written we try and mimic what they do. I think the importance is will never be able to replicate that and you have to be aware that in a development environment that players you need to be exposed to the Y and the education side of it. But if you try and mimic the top environments, I think it kind of need for a really good framework of success structuring loosen up but really after our gym session 10 minutes in speed and road with Sharpie training keep it nice and dynamic changing every couple of seconds. Are there from that police escorts whole walk-ups? We're going into some spinning throws in a minute. So make sure I have is a nice and stretched. So first we will just be a neat hug into that front lunge for its side and then attract stretch on the way back ground. We have a culture where we say, they learned from making mistakes. They learn from getting outside of their comfort zone. So Flanders Chris, no big thuds better Chris good slide forward lean over our hips. Otherwise, we're just going to fall backwards. It's not the can-can. It's a Street League Shuffle actually squeeze em, how to the challenge for the attack to the first attackers will be non boobs is to get through 10 passes one do what on Tim three good for well done five. Let's try new things and try and You know over-exaggerated some elements of the game. So make it even more chaotic than you'd normally find or faster than what you'd normally find one do well done. Very well done. Four five six. Seven eight nine. Drink it drink it. Well done what success rate improve the attack or defense why so that opportunity is what we're just looking at massive line speed and we're putting pressure on we're not a blitz team upcoming. We're a team with just go nice and straight and you have this is for the lads is loads of energy get the spacings right at the lies speed is huge. Just getting the technique is the thing. You got to get right ever get Technic everything off. Everything else will flow. Go. Good good good day still the field and then we do the things that we started we get off the line put them on the trash out forced mistakes and then we create opportunities for ourselves do that. All right attacking without the ball. It's all driven by the players because essentially they're the ones on the pitch and everyone's doing it and you can shout and yell all you want but there's no real benefit to that. We identify why. So what we're looking for is that the defense can come from all different areas get connected get this basins and then go back to what we worked on. So I'll spacings are lines read a communication to then disrupt the attack. I think our focus is mostly on urgency and organization and our defense. What is the most important place to find first if they go what if we give me shut up around the breakdown and we shut down their options there. We've got to go one. I think the key for me is that the big thing you work on is under fatigue the chat doesnt stop it actually picks up more which keeps your focus, right? And then we get a space is right because that's that's the start of getting a line speed. I'm getting the ball back and attack but attack Brilliance they were not. So what we're trying to set up here is 2 V 1 John 3:2 so actions in the middle, so those transition loads of high school and he said gets really simple energy from the boys and that now they're starting to drive their own energy and composer. The difference which one of those we try and make it chaotic. So it will flow to V1 to V1 later repetition. Hopefully High success rate and then straighten 2 3 4 2 with a grid straight next to it which they will control so it's always moving. So it's not the traditional just simple hands were actually trying to create a chaotic situation. Try to make it game like buttloads of repetition of skill. We also what we try and do is we get the less to set out the counts. So they set their wit's nice and also just saying if we recognize face you just take it if someone gives you an opportunity to attack you just run into that space. So Jamie's done brilliantly are so guy for step stepped inside turn the guy shoulders and makes it easy Great Schools Tim. We try and apply this very similar principles to Terry's out opens college, but we are a bit more flexible with what we do. Obviously, we can't add as much detail because the players honors experience to you know, not everyone's an international but on the flip side of that what the Frameworks that we do put in place are very similar and we try and play a similar style. But I mean fundamentally you can only play the game a certain amount of So it's no different to anyone else, but the detail would try and put in place I think is what potentially makes us stand out from other colleges.