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Neal Hatley - Breakdown Summary

Neal Hatley shares his views on the breakdown and provides an insight into some of the exercises he uses to coach "Defence at the breakdown"

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We're going to look particularly to defensive breakdown. So probably leading into the tackle. Just post the tackle the work that you do around to obviously hopefully steel opposition ball or Faked ball speed down put an arm up on the bag to show that you've made the tackle. So left arm up Dennis left arm up. Fight get the ball out drag the ball. I could put it back in its next one down. Dragging the ball out. Technically, what do we need a foreground first hips up? Okay. So when we break this down, I just want you to recover further up. So hips first great position feet need to be way. Wide probably shoulder width apart not too wide, but they more importantly need to be up against the bag where those riffs. Okay. Why do we want his feet up? What does it show you that? He's supporting his body weight. Perfect. So looking at these guys here to get their feet up if he's feature at the back, but you feel out the back even more now lean on the bag. Okay looks to me like all of that weight sake talked about earlier White's going through the shoulders. That's poor shape more often than not you just look at a go. Now. That doesn't look great. Does it look like he's supporting white if his feet her up looks a whole lot better next bit is head and chest right over the ball. So anyone who jackals a ball like that is likely to wear a forearm. Okay right across the nose if he's got hidden chests over it gives them a good opportunity. Now as the tackler, you can also get a bounce and fire. So you've made a tackle. Sometimes it's a push down tackle you recognize that you potentially can't steal it but you can actually affect their breakdown so you look, We call it assault in a cleaners and look probably a yard possible. This can be done at about 50 60 percent. As I said for me defensively it's brilliant you getting the tackle you getting the chop, you're getting this players at actually getting up and recovering so he would obviously get up Andre sit on this purposely be actually becomes an opposition cleaner and you get the role of the second man arriving in punching through. Okay, so we'll do a few but read through and getting through stay low. Stay low work through good contest good next one's up. The green get through get through Don White frame this through good perfect. So for me, it's recognizing where the gain line is has the guideline be positive as again on being neutral or negative has other team got momentum all of these four things play a role into the player arriving at the breakdown making a good decision what we're doing here and I says, he's arriving he's now going to start to make a decision the man on the floor just holds the ball. He never gives the ball up. So just give it a quick guy you guys going to get ready to chop and change in? red I become so good decision to steal good technique. Good good spot. Okay. Yeah. I've become right decision for I through good next one up. Red, okay good decision. That's just physics. So I suppose it's trying to get that player to just look at that break down as it's happening and make a decision whether he should either conquer all concede. If you go into the break down trunk concrete or concede the day we've lost yards just get around the corner and try and win those yards back. So once we got that decision, right then we look at the technical aspects of what he's actually doing in the breakdown and then the decision-making he's got his hands on he's not a drop to a knee, you know, you need to release the ball. So all the bread all the decisions around the sort of the technical side of it as what we look at next Once he's got the initial decision, right? It's Man games. Now live this meant tackles like chop. He actually becomes their cleaner. These guys are arriving and they decide what happens now if he gets there first he can go for the steal if he gets this second. He can fire this man either. It's boats does what he does. Okay, so go through one at about 50% so you can see it happening and then we'll go through a little bit tougher than that. Let's go. And both the same thing began the photos and give the ball up so you can see that's probably what about 50% or what I know we're doing is encouraging us players as they arrive. Do I still do our bolt. How far is a cleaner away? What's The Tackle look like can I attack that a balk? And I'm not attack the ball that communication is huge telling people what you should be doing what you shouldn't be doing if the ref calls Rock maybe hasn't called it loud enough players shouting all that information. So, you know, the communication Runner defensive breakdown is absolutely vital. I don't care what age you player what level you played all the way through so now I'm massively important.