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Off The Ball Organisation

The aim of the drill is to develop mechanisms to unlock defences in open play. It requires players to communicate, self-organise off the ball, and be aware of their role in the attacking line.

Video Subtitles

Hi, my name is Tom Drake hitter over here at University. What we're looking at today is to try and develop banging, Bingo shape into a game. So the simple exercise we've got is a to v one on the defender. The first defender becomes then the third attacking player as they then attacked two players. What we're trying to get here is the player's organised on the run and in a game setup. So hopefully this exercise is a way to get your players to transition block practice into some form of gameplay and ensure that we are able to manipulate defenders and make line breaks. It's going to show and go and you've missed a tackleThis Defenders got a key role. He's got to go first on the first man and see if he can get to the second man. And then you've got to organize. Who's your bag? Who's your bingo? Let's go.