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Offloading Progressions

Here's a great exercise from London Scottish with some excellent progressions taking you through catching difficult balls as well as some fun games to try.

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Flight feathers are we going to do here is we're just going to work on some some some offloading. Okay, and we're just going to deal with some dealing with some ugly balls. All right, so like dealing with picking up and of the ball on the floor. So the first thing I want you to do is in your part get into groups of three. Okay Gooch two three. All right, perfect. And I want one person in the middle and one person on that side there. That's it. Okay. So all I want you to do is you've got a ball as well. So what you're going to do guys is you're just going to your Charlie. You'll get a possible to ollie. Okay, all these going to catch you going to offload to tires tice's now got to you going to offload to back to Charlie. Okay, so they're working a triangle. So work in the Triangle thats it so it's just literally that's it. So move the ball around that's it. Yeah, that's it. Good. So keep Keach a classic good. So keep rotating it around. No. No, you keep rotating it around keep rotating it around. That's it. That's it. Good keep rotating it around so you okay and How would I want you to do is take a step back each. So the triangle becomes a little bit bigger. That's it Okay, so we've now got a really push we've now got to really push that pass. That's it. Good. So what I want us to look to do just carry on doing it for those what I want us to look at is making sure that we've got both hands sort of almost in a catch ready position. So one ball one hand will have a ball in it. The other one will be ready to take the ball. And then we're looking to just offload the ball. Okay good and then receive that's it. Good. Okay and hold it there and hold it there. Okay. So what we're going to do now for this is we're just going to look at taking some ugly pick up. So so I guess you're just going to stand here for me. Okay, what you're going to do Charlie is just going to be a nice Point position here on you're going to throw the ball to either me or Tyson tight. But what we're going to do is we're going to bounce the ball back off to e and you've got to try and pick it up. Okay, so we're just going to back sit down. That's it. Good so deal with it. That's it good. So that's it. So get yourself down in a nice nice sort of crouched position so that you're ready to be able to pants on to that ball. That's it. Good. Great pickup great pickup. He's played Cricket before any hey tyus. You've been on the cricket field before I need. Let's go switch around switch around. Okay on hold it there. Okay now so what's gonna happen now is to Charlie's back in and you've got a ball Charlie you're now you're now going to you guys are now going to bounce the ball off to him and he's now going to have to catch with one hand. Okay, and then he's just going to pop off the other one and then he's gonna have to catch with that one pop off the other one caps with that one. Stay light on your feet fellows light on your feet light on your feet so that you can move and that you can take that ball and keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball and bring it in to you just going to finish off with a little bit of a circle. So what I want you guys to do now is If I can have five year on the outside and one person just sort of poorest on here. And what you're doing is you have to keep your bottom onto this here. You have to keep moving around and you've got one ball in one hand and you're catching an offloading with the other. Okay. So you move it nice and poised around here with here with your bum cheeks just on there. Okay off you go off you go. Keep you guys keep throwing their no, let's have this only have three balls in Sony have three balls in the middle. That's it. Go go. Keep moving them around stay into it stay into it. So that's a really awkward object. That's it. That's it. It's a really awkward object. Keep moving it around. Make sure you've got one hand in all times. There we go. Don't knock it over. Don't lock it over matters. Okay fellas, here. We come let me come right just tell me. Why did I put that in the middle? It's awkward exactly. When is it ever not going to be awkward? And again, we're uh be yeah. Okay, it's chaotic at best and we have to deal with all sorts of different pictures different things that are happening. So we've got to be prepared for those situations where it might be really really awkward to get the offload and we might be off balance, but actually if we can get that off load because we practiced it awkwardly then it's going to help us in the game. Yeah, what type of things what type of things are we going to be looking for when we're trying to manage, you know the balance of that ball. So if we've got one hand that's tied off or we're dealing with the tackle what might we need to consider with that offload. Sorry. Yeah, what you mean by that? Yeah brilliant. Okay, so that's going to be from our our ability to do what scan and listen. Yeah, and okay, yes or those communication skills those visual skills those auditory skills so that we can we know where we are and if we're comfortable and tie us this is something that you'll be doing quite a lot this year. I would imagine like you did last year if you're confident and you're comfortable together offload, you're going to be able to do that because you've worked on that footwork you've worked on the uncomfortable positions and you've listened well, and you know, what's happening?