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Offside Touch

Try this offside touch game from London Scottish. Gets your players working hard whilst developing their technical skills.

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So this is game is offside offside touch boys are going to work really really hard. They're working in generally 6 aside. The area is as you can see around the white cones, but all the boys have got to work Beyond these poles here to be able to score the point on the line if the all the their team aren't in and they don't get the try and it's one touch turn over. Ready, let's go greens. Go that way that way look on their rights play that way what got the ball has come on keep walking off the ball. Come on boy. Keep the energy High. Come on. Let's go. Come on. Let's keep working. Keep working Mac. Come on my part. Good a kid comes three what grunts let's go play some it was a very very simple game designed for the purposes of running the boys engines. So really really working on their engines and building their Fitness capacities whilst at the same time doing it in a relevant contextual rugby game that has skills that they need to they need to be able to perform in order to play the game so catch past run working off the ball talking all of those key skills that you would see in a proper game of rugby. If the players haven't worked hard enough to get over that over that white line where the poles were then the the trials and awarded and the reason why we do that is because it's that Fitness element of the game. It's about mentally and physically pushing the boys to those limits, but they still have to be able to perform those simple skills pay that way go. I got to play this fun. That way this way. Yeah. Yeah keeper keeper James school there too. Now, let's go. Let's go. Let's go play play Reds play Reds play Reds go over people play this one. Yo games by mile because as I said, like just straight line running or whatever I think boys as well feel like it's more relative. So I think it's a lot better doing it in games if we can and also you get your skills up at the same time. How hard is this week? Yeah Hearts. Yeah, because it's not just like certain boys are going to be really good at running straight line. So it feels good to be able to change direction. But if you want a middle of a game, you've got to be able to run fast keep your card you up and work hard when you need to change direction when you need to do your skills when you need to so, it's just absolutely knackered you.