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Passing Under Pressure

Being able to pass under pressure is how players perform in games. This exercise challenges players to react to multiple prompts and is great for all junior and senior players

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Accurate passing. If you don't get accurate passing in going to struggle to size and suppliers must not touch their bodies. Otherwise I have to do 20 push-ups 20 push-ups recover recover good. Come on get the accuracy, please accuracy. Give me a Target. Give him a Target. Give me the Target. Good good good. Excellent. Come on. Come on, come on, push it through accuracy accuracy. Just couple of key things on that pass make sure there's a couple of people who were pendulum swing it. Yeah, let's push it through so that when we let go our hands are pointing the direction we want the ball to go. Okay, it just takes out a guess of when when we need to let go of it if we're traveling through a plane we've got to guess when to let go if we're pushing through it, then we can let go at any time and we know it's going to go in the direction that we want it to go. Make sure we give them a Target. So I've got something to aim for and not just the center of the mass again. There will be a second ball coming in when the second ball comes in. They'll be a little bit of chaos. We have to deal with it same as a game. We've just got to make it work gather around gather it and pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back all your depth. Hold your death rtog. Death, please. Two balls two balls two balls Josh come on talk to him talk to him talk to him talk to him. Well in gaps good ones James. Come on, Gary accurate George. Come on saw the chaos outside. The casts out communicate accurate. Come on be accurate with the communication watching for anyhow, I mean ball touches the body chaos handling exercise. Lots of things going on two balls going on. The guy's got to be really sharp. Donnelly read-only go. Josh Thompson party down you go. Okay, we're going to do one last 60 seconds one last 60 seconds. It's even get through the 60 seconds at any and I'd rather if guys if you know, the ball is touched your Bibble your body automatically know the ball, but both balls need to start the same side. Go keep running forward Warren targets get your targets out catch early Target Target's lots of Chaos. Every cheese fries are being challenged to keep the ball out in front of them all times.