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Players First - Circle & Caterpillar Game

A great fun game to get training started and integrate new players into your squad. Lots of progressions and a variety of skills on show

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Instead of me going right. I just want you around those sticks and come back. Right? I want you to Circle Game for 5 minutes keep changing the conditions just to start with the talking about our creativity and our connection. So this is a really important one. So someone comes to the comes the session we've got to think about how we're going to make sure that they feel that connection with the team with the ourselves with other people. So just a little start. I want one two, three, four five in a circle all holding arms as one big circle together. Yeah, Josh you're going to run it, right so really simple thing Josh you've got to touch marks back. You're going to start behind Danny. Hold on the hottie comes on accident. You guys have got to come up with a way of stopping from doing it. Okay, three, two one. Go. Keep going. Keep going keep going. You got five seconds. Five four, three, two, one. Fantastic. I just bought me someone else catching. It was catch Connor you catch it right now same rule, but You come through of you wants to so you can try and touch the front of you wants so it's slightly too so you can come through the circle and around side. What's the name of the oh, sorry. Come on. Well, you're going to have to come out same thing you guys ever think about how you come up with so many different what's going on? What's going to the problem to set five seconds to talk about any team five seconds. What's gonna be different? Okay, three two one. Let's go lovely. Nice. Keep going. Keep playing keep playing got five four. Three, two, one case up there, right u5 that it is different. Now, you're facing outwards. Same game come up with five ten seconds to talk. Right? So you 510 seconds what's gonna be different than it's going to be it's going to you guys 10 seconds to come up with a plan that's going to stop in 10 seconds count on you right? What what you're trying to do is move back as much as possible just to try and get them change direction. So it's gonna be harder so looking away. So just I want you to change in Direction which can write three two, you're gonna get caught in 3 2 1 go. Yeah. That's good work. Okay, stop. He's got ya fantastic. We're slowly building this up. Now. We've got two of you. You have two cons back, but what's obviously changed. See, that's what can you do go either way, but we'll also what's your other option now, that's fantastic. Got a new skill pass and run you guys obviously it's gonna be slightly different to what you got to do more communication fantastic with to then we've got to communicate more tell each other where we are two one go. Okay, fantastic. Follow me one more variation of this is exactly the same game. But I want you five in a long line as a caterpillar as opposed to a circle. Yep. So just literally hold on. Hold on. Hold on same game. Think about what's changed for you guys just 10 seconds. Same game. You've got it the back think about. Yes, we only have the back manse is going to become although going to get five seconds is the thing that what's changed and what might do differently you guys want you to focus on it only left hand passing actually, no left hand passing. You can only kick. Are we going to try and stay? Okay point it's good right three two one plate. Which path we got to use Josh got to use keep playing keep playing your 10 seconds even get him keep playing five four. Three two, nice guys scales really nice. Okay coming in so thinking about our connection. So it's a really quick games to get started. You don't need cones. Not that much planning. What's what's valuable to create connection without without drill or that drill game communication. It's fun. That's the key thing. So notice every time I gave him 10 seconds come up with a new plan because something slightly changed. Okay, if we just keep going going going then they're not going to use that teamwork to help each other out. Did anyone notice what I did with these two fantastic? Okay. So change that who's on your left hand pass. He was only a kick some differentiation of these are kids who are really talented. Just give me different challenge use what you know about their experience and help them to if they just arrived we make it as easy as possible. We turn them around make their challenge even harder along with making a verbal connection. It's a physical connection and a lot of kids. Yeah bit of camaraderie will come together. We fall over together. We have a laugh together. That's how you make that Bond really quickly and that game gets them talking quickly getting to know their names quickly you could say because because your usernames come out we've got to touch commands back while touch Conners back corner and you're constantly using names within that group building a connection with others how they experience their first arrival to a club or their first intro to the session. It's how we build that the social and the kind of environmental factors that are going to make them enjoy themselves. That could be knowing a name that could be physical. Shin that could be communication building teamwork at its building that connection and when it comes to actual skill games and they're more effective at the basic of communication, which is underlies every principle of what we do in rugby names are really important that we build names within each other you go away feeling I've learned five names and they know my name's all yeah. I'm going to come back because Bobby Ricky Jim and con are all there and we got really into that Circle Game and we what could you get kids to run themselves? You say Circle Game the dogs out what it is. You say caterpillar game the know what it is. So instead of me going right? I just want you around those sticks and come back right? I want you to Circle Game for five minutes.