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Quick Ball Presentation Drills

Use these quick and competitive games to practice good and strong ball presentation. Practice with high standards and it will come naturally in the games!

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Okay, so in a game if you're playing that way, I want you to hit the deck on your chest now. Facing that way, facing that way. Okay, and then I want you to present the ball as you would in the game. You're playing that way, two hands off you go. So problem is fellas if anyone comes in as a Defender, okay, and you're carrying that one hand you can just kick it out your hand or just knock it out your hand easy. So two hands at all times. Okay. So we look at this fellas you get back in position. Okay, you can be his partner, just lay on top of him However, you like just give a bit of resistance. Okay, right. So you're in this position, that's not a straight ahead of you, South straightbehind you East is that way west is that way if I call north south east or west you go to present in that that direction. East so asquick you can fellas get in that position present long two hands.South get working on the deck good present long two hands West. South. try and use your whole body fellas use your legs andyour knees and dig your feet in. Okay this time can I borrow you two?Lay on the floor facing me side to side. So lay on the floor. That's it. Just as you are. Hands by your sides. Handsby your sides. There's the ball when I shout go one of you is going to get the ball, hopefully, okay, so quickest get the ball if you win mate, you're presenting the ball that way. If you're win you're presenting that way okay. If you lose you jump straight up on your feet and work over the ruck. Imagine you've won You've got the ball, present long that way. You've lost, you jump up straight over the ruck almost like a bear crawl over Straight up. That's it go through and pick the ball up. Okay. Fantastic. GoWell done, really quick reactions boys. So the person who wins you're straight away presenting the ball. The person who lost that you've got to get straight on your feet and work over the ruck. Okay back down we go. Quite a feof these fellas to get the hang of it. Work over fantastic, stay on your feet. That's a penalty. You've got to stay on your feet. Go!Remember two hands present long. Okay, ball in your chest fellasuntil you're in position then arms out, long presentation. When we tackle fellas it's got to be our mindset straight away that we've got to do some work on the floor. If you just hit the deck and hold the ball out. You're just sitting duck for someone to take that ball off you so when we're tackled hit the deck if we can hit the deck and you fall on your chest Why fall on our chests? Protects the ball. If we fall on our back with the ball up in the air, wasy for someone to run in and take it off us. So ideally fall on that chest fellas, cover that ball up and then straight away. We do some work wriggle on the floor rolling on the floor moving the ball present it back. Okay, don't get caught just laying down on the deck with the ball out in one hand. They'll just take it off you.Do some work!