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Quick Finishing Game

This quick game is perfect for developing the finishing in your team! Progress this drill with conditions to help improve depth and realignment.

Video Subtitles

Okay. Fellas. We're just going to look in a little skills. I'm going to go into the finishing game. I'll tell you what will really stretch The Defenders just to attack their two Defenders six attackers Lads double points. Every time you can pump and play this play through okay play. Fix it fix it great supporter bulgogi love that last one double points as a pump to the I'll give you that calf good effort. Good effort. That's wasn't seen it. Have you read a pump double points? So we have three defenders in this box five of you attacking. Okay, we'll have the yellow line is the trial on Defenders you can compost is 5 meter line. So this is like your little box to defend. Okay touchline to the cones there. Okay attack, if you get touched in this box, you just gotta pull the ball back out. You gotta screw as many tries as you can in one minute. Okay, do you get out of line? You can just defend this whole area. Okay. Okay, how many tries jacking you going to get? Three seconds left we both work of the Brougham stuff to try that provide. Will give up.