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Quick Hands Primer

Divide the group into 4 and ask them to stand in single file behind each cone, 3 attacking groups, 1 defending group.

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Hi, my name is Tom druce. Had arrived here at University, Barry. What we can look at today is a quick easy warm-up, drill something that might just be a primer for handling something that we're just going to look at catch pass easy to surprise. Someone defend a what we're looking at is players getting the ball fit from a 9 and then trying to fix the first offender which will be the first post. Second Defender is alive Defender person coming off the line and we're trying to get good transfer of the ball. We just trying to get good reps in. Looking at literally hand, can't good transfer on the ball looking where we're trying to pass the ball. Another thing we're trying to look at is the middle attacking player, connect fix the defender and try and stay Square as he passed the ball sometimes, you know, keeping his hips forward or at 45 degrees, we're trying to go into our third offender and passing the ball to where we are outside to finish. The Vintage away. All right, the bull gets up there down there.