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Quins - Out The Back Pass

The deep "Out The Back" pass is a play that is becoming more popular with several options and progressions. In this clip players from Harlequins run through a simple practise to improve their accuracy

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Good. Good good that first receiver. You've really got to interest this man come hard at him use your feet double pump all those things, but it's gotta be at PACE to challenge him and then trust your decision making out there. Good. Good, I can't emphasize that enough one of the problems. I say people want to do all the fancy things the vax want to do backs moves and all that. Well, you can't do that. If you can't catch and pass and get the timing of that past ride the correct weight of pass. When should I visit? When should I float it? Right? So it's really important that you work on those key skills really good disguise good lines strong run strong run. Yeah. well defended - I trust the man to make the right decision for you. Good good, Archie. Just make sure that first of all we're not drifting into the space too much. Yes footwork, but try and hold this defense the snap the same first one make sure we're not drifting across the park too much whole the defender here. Yes use your feet, but don't take him into that same space. I'm good.