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Quins - Tackle Technique 1 v 1

A new tackle technique exercise without the "Bone on Bone" collisions

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Oh, it's so we're in the third week of preseason. We haven't really done any contact so far. So we just we just building it up. So we're doing what we call shoulders on it's not a full tackle, but it's you know, getting the shows on and driving through the man if he hits him not dropping the shoulder but hits him takes him back, you know foot then I'll be calling tackle made and the boys know that you know, it's the equivalent of so you want to be really on your toes yet. Yeah it just chop the because when you come in when you come in if you come in and do this Yeah, and a lot of that time that we were expecting then they step it's difficult. Whereas if you come in you go. Well, you're only a split second away from changing direction. You get remain so good. Make sure we step into it though because we need to be able to drive through it and stay on our feet here. Good. Good good better. Yes. Short steps yes short little because then we're only a split second away from changing direction. Yeah, if we plant them with struggle, all right. this Good good see sort of got like more physical sort of more individual attention at Quinn sort of trying to develop your specific plan. He's wrong. Don't take the Rune of so so we've got to be edging towards him all the time because we want if we come in here for a for a tackle. What we don't want to be is we don't want to be there do we? All right? So as we come in we can still drop our footwork. But because we're on our toes. Yeah, and we're a split second away from either foot as opposed to go to Maine. Yeah, then if he steps Boom. Yeah, just that transition, isn't it? That's the that's the tricky but but we need to be able to step into it so we can drive through it and not dive in. Okay go on. Stay on your toes. Yeah. Be careful Finn if we're in here narrow what happens if someone comes over here? Yeah, so we need a wider base don't we we need our feed outside our shoulders so that we can get some leverage. Yeah, you're in here at the moment and you're like, yeah little bit wider. We just want to build them into it really, you know, there's still a fair bit of time to go before the season starts. So do they need any more bone on bone? Probably not they'll get enough of that over the of the eight.