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Ruck Clearing and Decision Making

Advanced clearing exercises for senior players. The support player makes a decision on how to clear out the ruck based on the position of the opposition.

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Shield Chile to do for lots of right hand Technique One. We're providing a small window for the clean-out to work through second one. We're providing a contest of the ball that he has to try and shift third one. We're trying to roll the defender away and the fourth one where the clean-out needs to make a decision. So just look through the four options here as we go through So hard off the outside leg buddy. Let's go when you eat out of the outside leg window Chase Boys. Walk it back on the shoulder. Who are we looking for Boyd here with the lip of the pad is just a nice small window the clean-out to get underneath when you're ready. I'd off the outside leg work there live lovely. Good leg Drive swap it over try to get the are working lights when you're ready sliver up and let it sit your height in your heart good hold on the outside of the card hard off the outside leg back to the ball out of the outside leg. Nice low Windows set your height on the way in underneath. Hold on so but over. The second one we're looking at trying to shift to play who's got good position over the ball. So return the shrill diver. We've got a nice little Target area here on the LI that were trying to eat with their Charlotte. So same principle from here clean out nice and low sight the target area hit down Chase through when you ready, man. Hitting down and chasing. Hold on. Excellent. Once the other shoulder to get most important that we sight the target yellow area. We hit down and try and lift and Chase. the good stuff ensuring we're taking maximum speed into the contact and then arriving at the height that we need to arrive at the end it down it down. Good good. What's Ward base try and hit the in and through going to chase speed in and through speed speed speed down its throat lovely well done. So Brava just also principle. We've got a defending player in good body position. We find it hard to shift and chase him to this time. I try to hit on the yellow and just try and roll into a side this time map nice and strong up to our feet hot off the outside leg rolling this way Hip and roll him over right job. No. No, it's fine. Perfect. So I'm doing another side nice shoulder accuracy shoulder accuracy on the Yellow Nice grips rolling away from the point of contact would hold on flip it over. It was great to be sleep with me to hit it first mate. I need to hit it first driving me roll the right shoulder hit rolling this way the hits first it's down good good it down drips and roll otherwise such a list shoulder hit to watch Sword role was inaccurate because what come forward with First Sight the target side the target to drift wood grips. Well, I send real well done. That's why I'm swapping over this time. It's almost our with a shrill side on so we're looking to do as soon as that clinic gets to his feet get him to look up. It has to make a decision. And so the guys holding surely he turns it over this way. We're offering the small window for air cleaner to come through. He turns the shield upside down we're looking for that net that drive lifts hidden. Off. So I advise to start like a decision as soon as he gets to his feet when you're ready. Through the window nice drive. Well done. Once the other side we're getting out clean out to make sure he's got eyes up siding the target try to pick the right tool for the right job. Good neck and drive. Well done somebody over. Hot off the outside leg over there working hard like a decision based on where the seal is. Let's go. Nice takedown drive it through excellent. Well done. So I good accuracy is cute boys upside the target keep your legs moving and drive low drive through and you ready eyes on the target. Yeah, and it's true. Excellent. Well done Lads what I would just got one activity to finish. We're just going to look a little bit of counteracting this time this time. We're going to use the she'll just to simulate the height. The Rock Later, so just using the sheerly to simulate the height of players on the ground. We're gonna play contesting the ball so you can all I'm looking for for our player. So this time we're trying to attack opposition balls. I'm looking for are were taking play to just win space over the ball this time to get same starting position one left one right? Nice wide base. So we got our position players coming at the ball looking at wind shoulders wind spice over tags when you're ready. Northwest I swear I'm the type 1 by square on which all this takes place well done. What's the other side So again, we just try to use the shield to try and find the correct body height and provide a good Target. So take a situation or Turnbull over when spice nice and aggressive swap it over. So the key here again is arrived at working height. Nice wide base chase our feet shoulders under shoulders when you ready to shoulders down shoulders here takes base. Well done. I'll just wash all this line just a little bit hard to leave it but basic principle, we just finished on a poached deer. So I saw it over. Let's hope it's for this time but the Bulls available students at the tackle. So again, I'm looking for Matt to try and get body out of the tag of pie supporting his own body wide side the ball try and grip on the ball and just looking for the defender to try and shift him with the shrilly. It's almost stopping the ball trying to find good strong lower body position ride the hit when you're ready. What was the song Holiday Inn Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn, hold on. Once the other side Excellence award base hip slide supporting her body weight hands on the ball handler ride to hit. Let's chase him JC pressure on excellent. Great work to few sleeping. We're done. Again, we must arrive with shoulders down. That's our key arrived at the height that we need to complete at. So accelerate in good balance. Chase are feet chest down child is under when you're ready sweet in speed and chest out find the ball right there. No hands on the ground this time, but it goes straight to the ball heads on the ball straight away. You need to get your foot up under this little bit more drop your hips nice and strong right? There it is. It comes. Let's go stronger the bond tried to he tried to hit. Well done. Good job Lads and Lewis.