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Rucking - Live With 5

A clever and competitive practise using 5 players that involves passing, tackling and then making the crucial decision of what to do at the breakdown. This can be done from Under 12's upwards

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Ramanujan, we try and get the players to almost coach each other. So managing the Rifts obviously massively important, you know, whether you like it or not with you think you're on the ball first or not, if he calls rack it's a rocky great your hands out and leave it alone. So what we try to encourage a place to do is to recognize that situation according to what the refs done and then the players around him. Obviously, he may be fully involved in what's happening at the breakdown. So we get the other players around him around the break down to try and help him in to coach him as well. So you tell him to get his hands off foot or to stay in the contact. So we probably micromanage each other more than anything and and to a degree there if you don't always have to practice live everything out again, this is something you can do 50 60 percent or we're looking at is the decision on arrival. Okay. So start on the outside that red card let's go now we live The Tackle. What was the option fire? Good next one's up. Very much player led environments these days player empowerment. You give the players the tools to perform at the weekend, but ultimately they're decide which tool to use and you know, they have a lot of say no the game should be played and now you should be training. So certainly at bath rugby. It's a very much a play Led environment and I think that's the difference. We caught his bath never tell we ask questions. We want to know what the play is not the scope. I'm about to sign thing began photos and give the ball up so you can see that's probably what about 50% or what I know we're doing is encouraging as players as they arrive. Do I still do our bolt. How far is it cleaner away? What's The Tackle look like can I attack that a ball? Can I not attack the ball right before he gets a lift it up to about they were let's go Eddie 80% Let's go anywhere needs possible. Good decision boats on Nixon's up next for up. What did you tell him? No steps. Don't stab me. That's honey. Remember that when I get back to boss start on the outside of the kind ball over there, mate. Okay, let's go. Good decision. Okay, let's go one more. Who's my best hacker? Good lad. I want to go I want a speedy recovery. Let's go put him down. Yeah, good. Okay again, what's missing? Yeah that talk. Okay, so go to make sure as I'm arriving we talked about it in there that second man arriving as he's got there. He seen that blood sugar reading a good position. So what should he have said? Fire fire get through get through. I'm not even look at it. I'm just going to get around the corner and reset because I know I've got to defend the next phase. So you can see on this again. All trying to do is replicate the decision-making process without putting too much bang in so you can do that 50 60 percent 40 percent and then the last two or three you can really lift the level up or what you should be looking at you as those blokes on arrival or the point that we talked about technical putting his hands pass the ball targeting the ball. Any questions on that? Yep, again what we do because obviously if you get all the right early he's going to steal it and make away. So we I just personally encouraged the bloke on the phone not to give the ball up so we can practice staying in, you know, the languages surviving the clean. So I want him to have to stay in that position for two three four seconds. So obviously for younger fellows, it's a bit different you need to make sure you don't given mixed messages about holding on to the pole on the floor obviously because you can give from an attack point of view going to give penalties away. So as clearly as you can just explain to them for the purpose of the exercise. We just going to ask you to hold on to the ball. So now it's a very valid question. Anything on this one that you can see basically every single time that breakdown changes, you know, so in a split second you go from being in a contest for the ball to actually being late for the ball to arriving early for the ball. And again, all encouraging guys to do is just to make