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Rugby's Groundhog Day

Are your club coaches facing the same questions and problems year after year? Make sure knowledge and ideas are shared among your coaches to further develop them and the players!

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There are three main challenges for rugby clubs. Find meaningful sessions. Find new and interesting ideas. And increase the overall knowledge in their Club. But is this third part happening coach's face the same challenges all the time, but when their experiences aren't shared efforts duplicated and time is wasted. A groundhog day effect happens when the same questions are asked repeatedly by different coaches throughout the club year after year. Knowledge does exist at your club, but it's stored in minds of individuals and often only benefit small groups of players. Sharing this knowledge helps to raise everyone's game. We make it easy for our users to solve these challenges. By combining groundbreaking technology. invaluable tools and unique quality content He allows pick up new things and you'll think oh, well, I like that. You know, I like the way that that's happening. I'll use that in a different game or a different way or tweak it this way and that's how we develop things and move things forward and how you develop yourself individually as well where this helps is actually to see cultures see that what we're doing here is they can replicate their calls. We players from under under sevens right through to senior rcd provides thousands of trading ideas and advice from Top coaches from all levels of the game. These are presented in bite-sized chunks, which can easily be organized into your own coaching plans. We've got all of our many and youth coaches on board and what we've started to notice now is that we starting to build a coaching philosophy across the club, which is something that we aim for and it's a really really valuable resource help your Club development and get started today.