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Running & Passing Lines

The aim is to fix defenders via the attacking players running straight, and preserving the space on the outside and to stop defenders from drifting. This will support the executing of overlaps.

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Hi, my name is Tom Jarrett, hitter. A be here at the University. What we're gonna look at today is channel running for Lane running either ways groups of four going into four different channels. All right, often we find their players cash, the bar drift past, and the drift to 3 meters. So what we're trying to in this drill is that players will catch the ball whilst in a lane and try and catch transfer the ball and password all the while staying in their length. Their starts from the sidelines, working around the corner code. First play a game The first channel to the second player, third, and fourth grade. Once volumes the fourth player that played, it puts the ball down and the first player picks up the ball and place it down. The aim is to try to pass the ball staying in each lane You can progress this to Along by introducing a Miss pass first player to pass the third player, the second play Then loops around the third player and receives a lift pass off the shoulder as you will see here, the third player receives a second player loops and get it on the ice shot. Trying to ensure that the player stays in their lane or there's minimal movement. This is difficult for the second player as you Loops is to see if he can straighten up as in that lift pass. So, if you have a look at here ball, goes to the third player. Yeah, it's a lift and you're trying to encourage players to catch the ball and pass the ball on the Run.