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Stop Your Players Crabbing Sideways

Successful rugby requires players to run straight and fix defenders. This is a constant challenge to coaches and new ideas and exercises can freshen up your training sessions, this clip has two practises along with some advice from elite coaches

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If you can't catch and pass then the rest of the game doesn't really work anyway. We spent a lot of this summer going around to different places trying to beg borrow and steal, sometimes reinforce. What you were doing has been the right way. But I think the players demand that of you to say, we're still fresh that we have gone out. We have look we have tried to identify things differently doesn't mean we're going to change but it can give you ideas freshen things up. These are videos good for coaches at all levels if they can if they got that ability because you can then play it back and show kids or amateur players what they're doing wrong. Three at a time so three go out that way as the attackers and the attackers always go through the green cones. All right, so all three of you are going through the green tones. Two Defenders, I will call a colour. Well picked up Sam blue. BlueSwap sidesA couple of times where the same situation occurred but we couldn't get any success. Any ideas why? Have a look at my body shape because I'm coming around here. I'll show you where Shawn was when he passed to the left. He was in a position like this like this. Okay, I'll show you where other people's body shapes were when they were in a similar situation where they had a defender in front of them and they were trying to get a pass away. So keeping that shoulder Square so you can actually see what's going on. So if I need to get it to Howard I can get it to him from here. I can do that with us high risk and high tariffs and that's later on the skill ladder. So you've got actually got it. So just think about as you're coming through a try and keep as Square as you can. White good. yellow Yeah, the repetition is is really important, it becomes boring sometimes that's why the coaches have to invent newdrills but the drill is to emulate what you're trying to do in the game in a smaller phase. Give me a Target why? Eo as you know exactly where you want it, what else? Hands out, why? because it's quicker. Yeah, okay, but we've got to make sure it's accurate. We've got to hold our depth on this go. Where's the accuracy? Come on? Okay. What could we do better their? Depth Every time appropriate depth. How do we improve, improved by going out into the training field, they improved by doing that in not so pressurized a situation, you know working on the basic skills, and then you increase the pressure being with every single player. International or an under 18 that sometimes it can lose that little bit of detail, so we found that you've got to keep revisiting everything that you do and even if it's just for a 5-10 minute period once every two weeks, it's important that you do and cover everything. Let's go lots of times James good good. Come on be accurate be accurate. Its the same with your attacking player. You go in and practice your passing and you know, your basic skills that you wanted to get, you know home writing in rugby, which are the basic essential from My Philosophy. I want to play ball in hand. I want to play exciting rugby, you know, I want to play at a high intensity and I want everybody to work on their skills to be a part of that.