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Tackle - Coaching safe head position

Coaching the correct head position for tackling is one of the most important skills for a coach, this clip shows a few examples that can be used with progressions

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So you're attacking you're defending? Okay. I'm going to call which way okay, because it's important whichever way the coach calls that we're not going to get clashes inside. Okay, you're only beating the guy by a meter down long place you guys back up to your feet quite quickly. Okay, so unit exercise. Okay, I'll just say go and then point which direction go Back on the fake backtrack back on our feet backtrack same again. We'll do three each backtrack. Let's go back on the ball. Ready go. Back on my feet. Let's go again. Go. Okay, so that's working unit defense going the same way that swap that over. So the Defenders become the attackers. Come forward Johnny. Let's make sure that the attackers got the Defenders come forwards. So a couple of points couple of technical points as a Defenders come forward. Let's get fast feet shoulders in tight. Make a good tackle. Okay, so points again feet shoulders. Okay finish a tackle ready go. Better guys good so Defenders as you turn go forwards rather than turn and stay static turn and go forwards go. nice That's all yeah, just just grab the bags and drive them for words. Go swap it over. So Defenders. What are we doing here? Okay, as soon as we turn and we sang static or we moving forward why we're trying to move forward close down the space. Okay, that's really important gain line speed off aligned really important. Nice work guys. Good lib. Go. Okay, excellent. Okay guys, stop the bags for a ball. We're now go live on this go. So this combines technical competencies with some unit work at some line speed go. It's really important that the coach directs the way the attackers go. Otherwise, you'll get players running into each other and potential injury anything difficult anything more challenging anything easier. Johnny get you to speed up trying to get the concentration on not just waiting for something to happen. Trying to get up the in the space and be able to react to it. Okay, great difficult thing to turn move forward and get your feet close enough to attack a letter not be stretching to make the tackle, but later, okay. Would you want to make it easier? Do you want to try and train like that to make it because it challenging? Okay, so we want to be in a low good body position when her arms tight. We want to you know, big feet small steps big steps small steps small steps in we want to drive them back in the tackle. Okay good.