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Tackle Technique - Full Session

[WITH DRILL VIDEOS] This session from Joe Goodman (Bristol University Rugby) has been designed to prepare players for a return to full contact competition, re-establishing correct technique to ensure safe, efficient tackling through progressively increasing the level of contact and complexity of skill execution.

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Defense, welcome back session here. Then, the critical outcome goal here is about introduction of tackle tag. So this is the return to play protocol. Again, the target here is about 20 minutes that the guys are allowed to actually get some time getting feeling back in some shots, back getting comfortable with the technical points of getting their defense right again. So we'll get a contact warm up done. Probably about five ten minutes shoulder work etc. Mobilizations and then we split into three groups. The great thing today is I've got a number of coaches supporting us with a pretty large group of thing. 53. Maybe more guys going to turn up for this one, the three sections, a b and c will put on a timer. We actually look at the Reps as well and the uae's within it. The first one here is go down to go. So they're trying to do five each setting out the cones, really simple. You might just four or five cones chop feet as they go and dance. Their time does dance on the spot their key to. This is about body shape. So they're sinking down Knuckles up. Eyes are focused on the hip line of a player. So this is the supervisor attacker and quite simply The attack will stand there. And then, the last second will go left or right. And the whole point here is that the Defenders, especially with the game, at the moment is focusing on getting into the hips getting into that thigh line. Two hands shoulder in toe-to-toe. Okay, so we tend to work on attacking a triangle. So you've got three key points of the hips, and then you got some of these feet either side. We're trying to Target on the floor there. That's the triangle Focus that we try and get players of think about as they come in to make that here and get the lock in as well, but that quite simply is hand shoulder and toes. Getting coaching. So, when you've got spare numbers, they've got line of sight into here uae's and breaking down. The skill. Be group here. Bagshot again, pretty simple, making sure the tackle Shield is low down to the body so that it would be no higher than your stomach lines or encouraging that low tackle. And again variations this this was more about X o4 minute block, pretty quick and easy pop up and make a hit up, close sink and chop quite quickly again, blind. So they might be turn away spin around. Make that tackle on the back key. Again is the technical work and where they come in coaching each other, when they're in groups of four or five to help the coaching team, it's really imperative again that they've got Knuckles up. They line of sight is on a particular position on the bag. So depending on what brand of bag you've got, you can choose the equivalent letter as you can see the hips, choose, the hip line that toe-to-toe. We're looking at same foot, same shoulder head to the side and getting the locks in is absolutely critical at this. And one of the best things we do is have the coach stand behind the whole liner. Eggs. So that players are about to make the hits can't see it. So we'll do a last sequence for a minute and he'll direct them left right or straight up so that bag the tackler as got to make a decision and react to it. It's nice and safe space over five meters. So you got variations on that, just to start getting feeling back. You're not asking them to blow them away, just asking them to get locks in, get shoulders on and make sure the gained a good habits, and safe position. So, we build the contact, the other one here is kabaddi interesting game, if you haven't seen it before, You play ten by ten, depends on your numbers. Etc, there will be plenty more fiber side. For example, might be in the game. Very simply, we can't connect the guys at the moment because we want to keep the social distancing correct or as best as possible. Anyway, but one man's goal is to get across the halfway line. Make a tag on somebody and then get back to his own team by getting across that halfway line again, as fast as possible. Ideally holding their breasts and saying good buddy kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi brilliant game. To get these guys used to connecting and trying to trap a man. So normally they be holding hands and then soon somebody's into a corner, they can actually dive in and try and take them to ground or take them out in the pitch. What we did here was quite simply say, it was a two-man touch. So soon as somebody was in a position and they could break the line to get a two-man touch, that's how we knew this guy was. Then caught, you might lose the point if he makes a tag and gets across again, he gains a point, so a really simple stuff there. But all about good communication, good footwork reactions working as a group to communicating track players building their defensive idea. About defensive systems, really the next part. D was the really big. Welcome back session. You could say, in terms of tackle boxes, this is where all the fun happened. So we've just got one, two, three, four on the corners. We got attacker in the middle and we'll start progressing kneeling. So walking at the man just get used to the shot, good positions. Locking taking the man down walking and walking, so standing and walking facing. And then maybe just build up the speed 50%. And then at the end of it, if we get there on time, we get there with successful content, and Safe quality stuff with making sure that they can go full metal jacket and have a pop at done properly. So making sure I get in the technical points where they said it out all their and safe. Uae's are kind of all over the place on this one because it's not necessarily as game-related, very technical and progression this stuff. Then we move on to party where we go into the small side of games. They could just be a two-on-two 3 V 3. This is only if we've got time really? I don't think we will get through the whole program here. And again, it's limited on the numbers and the time to make sure it's safe and controlled. So these guys were some of them. Haven't had any contact in well, over 12 months. Good luck with session. Hope you like it?