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Tackle Technique Tips

Defence is a crucial part of the game, and it all starts with a solid tackle technique. Here's an introduction into a typical defence session, with some basic progressions focusing on body position and linespeed. Log in to see the full session.

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Well, I think defence is the key iswinning the ball back when you don't have the ball it's a lot easier in this game when you have the ball and when you don't have the ball, so this exercise is making the guy bounce to his feet and work on both shoulders. It's a warm-up. It's also a skill for the guys offloading off the floor. Okay, hold it there as a warm-up here always work on say of footwork in your defensive work in your alignment. Look after the ball beat him Liam. Don't stop guys. I want us to beat the player get beyond an offload. Nice tackle last one Johnny.Okay guys, that's great. Well done. So this exercise is about the defender coming out behind an obstacle. So the attacker comes up makes a late side step the defender in grab the bag head on the right position just drive them back a metre or two. So we're not completing the tackle. We're just driving them back. Okay. Nice good. Let's go and come around Johnny. proper sidestep Liam Nice guy exactly the same. It's at about 60% But let's just make sure when we do sidestep. We're actually trying to you know, get to the cones and score as if the cones are the try line. Okay when you're ready, let's go. Driving back great. Let's finish the tackle. Now. We're going to finish the tackle complete the tackle. Nice tackle Alex. Good tackle Hayden and well up on your feet. Excellent three guys on bags three defenders in the middle again. So Defenders as you turn go forwards rather than turn and stay static turn and go forwards go. Nice go. It's getting your contact skills, right? It's getting your defense right working on all those real basics.