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Two Touch With Tackle Practice

This game has multiple conditions for both attackers and defenders. Dropping defenders to practise their tackling while working on support lines and groundwork for the attackers. Great for the first half an hour of your session

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So the coach has called this to touch rugby. So essentially two touches and a support touch. So the support is on the second touch. You got to put the ball between your legs. So the supporting players must be behind. So the Defenders once they've made a touch have to go have to drop back to the touch line or the try line. So there's always a little bit of a mismatch with attackers versus Defenders good for Fitness good for a bit of a warm-up and good for lots of opportunities. I support nice try. Two touches support touch between the legs move the ball. So the attackers got a 360 roll one players got to go over the ball. And then you play Defenders have to return back and tackle the bag. So you've got three or four skills all involved in one game and as the Defenders are coming back. There's more opportunities. 360 role one clearer and they play and there you can see the Defenders just tackle the bag next Defender should come back. Which is happening now, that's defending our takes the bag. So the two sides will now split they got 30 seconds. No coaches involved just the players. So this is game related. So one of those one or two other players are to talk about what they really want to try and Achieve be really really Dynamic one guy identify yourself as Point. Okay that guy you're being flat and it cutting in line. Then we're gonna have the guys coming out in behind running that hockey stick line that we talked about again on Tuesday. But I got to over the counter with my suppliers work Defender still coming back to make a tackle. long Place work on the floor two guards down could discipline. So we're creating lots of opportunities writing lots of opportunities in the game to school.