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What Fitness Test Should You Use?

Owen Nicholls, the strength and conditioning coach from London Scottish explains why they use the Broncos fitness test to asses base fitness levels, and why they don't use the bleep test.

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The fitness test the condition a test. Yeah, it's called a Bronco fitness test is what we do. It's pretty basic. It's 20 meters and Back 40 meters and back 60 meters and back five times through without any rest. So takes roughly five minutes four and a half minutes for the really good guys. And it's just a really basic test of aerobic fitness. It's not particularly specific to rugby in terms of the actual gameplay, but it gives us a good idea of where the guys are coming off of six weeks of rest who's actually put in a bit of work and done some running and who hasn't and sort of gives us an idea of how well they're going to cope with the training load. Yeah, a lot of rope gloves use it. I think it's comes from New Zealand, I think but quite a lot of clubs user or they use something very similar a 1K time trial 1 and 1/2 K2 K time trial, which is essentially the same thing. So the bleep test is just a little bit longer. So it's once you get past a certain point of time or distance. It's all becomes even less specific to rugby. So yeah the bleep test probably if you're if you're relatively fit it's going to go on some sort of 12 to 15 minutes, which is yeah not really specific to rugby in terms of continuous running. Broncos four and a half five minutes sort of six minutes for the real slow voice.