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Why are skills important?

The London Scottish Skills Coach explains why skill work is important and why you should incorporate them into fitness.

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Because they're core and fundamental to the game with without good skills, you you just can't play the game properly because you have you have a lack of understanding as to why things don't work. And if you don't if you don't work on those core skills catch pass kick run tackle you you know, they are the fundamentals of the game. And so if you don't develop them, then you're not going to get better and the team's not going to perform as well. It's performing skills under pressure and that's what the particularly at higher end of the game. You know the modern game now it's about the team that can put the other team under the most pressure but that they can still perform their skill sets under that pressure and still execute under that pressure and and then as a result of that still be able to perform and still get the results that they're looking for.