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Why Use Games For Fitness?

Here's London Scottish Head Coach, Skills Coach, S&C Coach and Player explaining why they prefer to use skills for fitness.

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Enjoyment the players respond far better games than just having the the old regime of doing laps doing Shores. Yes, we do shows on a Broncos test which just cages where they're at in terms of their speed and endurance stamina. But in the main the competitive element is brought into the competition and the competitive games because that's what we strive to succeed in on a week-to-week basis coming game time. Yeah, we try to do as much as we can with the ball involved. So we do a lot of small sided games and that sort of thing. Obviously we're trying to do is prepare them for rugby. So in order to do that, we need to play some rugby type games. We put conditions on it to make sure that there's quite a lot of running or quite a lot of change of direction if that's what you want to do. But in general we try to do as much of the conditioning in games as we can because it's performing skills under pressure and that's what Particularly the higher end of the game that you know the modern game now it's about the team that can put the other team under the most pressure but that they can still perform their skill sets under that pressure and still execute under that pressure and and then as a result of that still be able to perform and still get the results that they're looking for games by mile because as I said, like just straight line running or whatever I think boys as well feel like it's more relative. So I think it's a lot better doing it in games if we can and also you get your skills up at the same time. how hard This week. Yeah hard to hear because it's not just like certain boys are going to be really good at running straight line. So it's going to be a good change direction. But if you're in the middle of a game, you've got to be able to run fast keep your card you up and work hard when you need to change direction when you need to do your skills when you need to so, it's just absolutely knackers you to be fair.