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Player / Coach Relationship

How much say do your players have in how you train and prepare? Premiership Rugby stars share their experiences.

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We're coaching the way we call it to me what the place to make the decision there and then we wanted to fix the problem and adapt their and then on the trend on the on the pitch during a game. So for us to be able to do that on a match day, we've got to be able to do that in training. We've got to be able to coach at Troy neace up the environment at bath is pretty much play allege and players making them come in place challenges that that that they are going to come across on a Saturday so that they can adapt and use a you know, the right tactic to to win the game. You might throw a couple of sin bins in you might say write your hook assembling. What are you doing? Are you scoffs and been what you're doing? You know, you might say in that look you're losing by two points with five minutes left. What are you going to do? So you start going Quit Line outs, you know, it's not going to Short Line outs. You might say the referees I'm going to shocker is not referring The Rock everything slowed down. What are you going to do? You know you screams going backwards. What are you gonna do all your very dominant you very dominant getting quick ball all the time, but a lots of way we need to play. You know the full-backs having a shocker in a what are we going to do to make sure you carry on carry on driving the shopping. So there's all challenges like that in there that the players need to say, right? This is happening. What do we do? What do we do? What do we do for me is Captain? It's it's huge. It's really important that I have a good relationship with the coaches and also give relationship of the players as a captain. You kind of you will kind of sit in that middle ground. Sometimes you have to be you know, you play as your number one priority you have to make sure the message is that coming from the coaches are getting to the players in the right way and equally the message from the players are getting back to coaching the right way making sure that everyone is not necessarily everybody's happy because not everyone's always happy but making sure that it's the best outcome for the organization. Get to the lines and great covering Checkers as I've seen you play group. We have an input on what we do in training yet. Definitely we review the game from the week before as a senior player group and then that will form the basis of our training for the following week. The cultures can give you so much the other ones that are playing the game and the things that happen in the game that you might not prepped for in you've got me ready to to adapt and then off to pictures. Well, you've got to look after yourself. You've got to be professional you've got to do your extras or whatever you need to do. So it is what the player does if there's a message coming across and you're not doing it then Youngblood's look at that and I might not do it as well. So that senior players have got to work together and especially during the game during the game. Like I said if things aren't going to plan if you need to change something well as a group of players, I need to talk about it and I'm going to dice if you've got to have that sort of, you know feet in both Camp. You got to understand how the players are feeling if they're too fatigued from the weekend still or you know sessions aren't working and it's not really suitable game plan or Another Side of Life to Come. She's not happy with the players whether reacting and you know, if you need to put put more working or you know, if you're doing too much of the boys and flogging themselves, so it's just that being smart and reacting. Well between the cases and getting a good relationship. Obviously, there's a game plan you guys want to play. I think it's up to the coaches to identify what players we have and what worked well and then we'll start to us as players to react to it. And you know that that started playing and express yourselves Within.