Rugby Coaching Drills Video Library


Develop spacial awareness and evasion skills with young players in a fun, interactive way.

Video Subtitles

I'm getting cooled aliens same as statues. But this time once your tags, as you can see around the pitch, there's loads of different balls you then instead of going to a statue you go grab a ball and join the aliens start touching people. Don't understand. Yeah. Okay, let's go for it. Then ready Who Wants to Be an alien? You already are aliens, but never mind to 3 and we get some space get some space. Remember this side of me again. Just within Ready Steady the side to side steady on the corner. Ready. Go good footwork is get on the outside. Don't get don't get tagged. Don't get attacked by the ball. Show some footwork if you get to go get a ball when we got left how many people were left? Go to the face. Keep moving. Keep moving. Who's last? Okay, everyone just come in and one just come in.