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Tag games for mini's

Not all TAG games are the same and in this clip the Sale sharks coach uses a variety of conditions and rules to encourage the players to use more passes

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I use games all the time. It's it gives them a gives the players a real good opportunity to succeed in those games. It's also with the the various conditions that I can put in enables the session outcome the aim of the session to be realized to tell you. What should we just get straight into a game? Okay. So what we'll do what we'll do we'll play it will play across the pitch. Okay, can we talk? So we're going to play before we turn over six dog, sir? No. Okay. Let's see how we go. Seven tags cirno. Okay, let's go play off you go so - so carry on drunk on. Good running. Okay greens off you go. Just play from there. That's okay. Just play from there. Just play boldly to hands. Good Dodge. Great dog Jake. Wow, well one put the ball down. Come on greens get into a good defensive position. Okay off we go play from that good stuff fall into hands. That's good. Let's go forward side back there back there. Good, make sure we give you the TalkBack. Please good scales keep running excellent. Tagged are lots of pass. Good boy, blue ball. Let's make sure we get those tags back. We stand still and we hold it up nice and high and we come back to where when we come back to when the taxpayer. Yeah, and then what sort of what sort of passion we were using backward backwards how many it only takes was it last time seven this time, you're only allowed to so what's that you've got stuff to do more of dodging passing before or after before you get tagged more Pace like that? Okay ready to go. So getting a good defensive line while you're in charge of your defensive line. How easy is it for you guys to defend when the like this when they're like this easy excellent like that. I like that how many gaps have we got to look at now quite a few? So do you think do you think that we Every time we restart could get into this shape. Off we go. You got that tuck go on Harris. Turnover turnover turnover. That was too I tell you what, then we can you can have five tags, but if they get yours, so if you get burned up been or sounds you get the ball back straightaway. All right. Okay, let's play. So don't worry about it being out. You've only got two tax remember? Don't worry about it. Huh? Lots of pass go support play. That'll do that'll do. Bet you got a pass it four times before you score. If we go, come on guys, get your defensive line. You got to pass it full time span. Yep. Come on fellas. Looking that good Defender. Okay, you guys have got 10 tags ten tags burn your recharging your defense. Okay, let's go. Dr. Sun still hold up. Welcome to tags great pass. Good score that gets just finish off with some questions. Okay, so that was a good fun. Are we going to make sure that we do lots of passing before we get tackled good stuff guys, go get your drinks. Yeah, the session was all about trying to improve the players passing and decision-making before the tag. So a tag is very much. The game is meant to be an invasion game. We feel that the tag the pass is actually taken after the attack is taken. So he's actually trying to get them to pass before what would be in effect a tackle. The new skill because they used to post tag passing. Yeah, I think I think a lot of the players out there at coach to pass after after the tax being taken that's not necessarily a bad thing. But I like to like pretty much to work on the decision-making and when to know to look to pass where the space