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Attacking Fundamentals

If you're looking to build on your young players' ability to attack, we have loads of relevant ideas and examples. Here's a quick look. To see the full session, log in and go to the Northampton Saints page - 'Passing and Attacking Lines'

Video Subtitles

The idea is your group of six score a try over the five meter line. The pitch is touchline 215 touch it out of here. You know, okay fellas know the everybody come in that's four times come in hands up who thought six onto was going to be very easy. So that's the s***. We want to try and work towards. That gives us lots of options to play options angles and speed run its and Halls run fast run hard at him. Good luck who's outside of go go go go finish it off. That'll do that'll do that'll do well done. But the more you can create situations either through the rules you put into a small sided game or touch game. The more likely you are to give those people the opportunities to test themselves in those decision making situations initially. Listen for the call. Okay from the ball carrier. Okay? No, you're all know who's going where inside and outside of you and then run with purpose. Okay, so go back into that now just really lift that chat nice and loud but be specific. Okay. Yeah flatterfit Lads to flat and cut the runner. Yeah a nice hold your feet good. Yeah a nice good much better. Well done. Yeah good like it. Yeah great shape.