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Ball Control & Passing

Controlling the ball is a fundamental skill, it may be simple but it is very important. Practise is important and is the foundation to passing and the ability to control and vary your pass

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Know the basics for us probably merely technical elements. So the ability to catch and pass and one and tackle and and they're important because that's that's the majority of rugby. If you watch a game on the TV or you go to a rugby club all weekend and watch the game live and that's what you see. You see people running with the bomb and passing it to other people and then the Defenders are trying to stop them by tackling right guys. All going to do is work a little bit on our grip so it's about it's about having the ball on the floor and I want you to pick the ball up change and pick it up. All right, Changing Hands dead simple stuff like that then do it the other way around. Okay. I'll see you don't choke on your wrist or anything. It's picking up with your hands spread your fingers nice and wide. Spread your fingers really nice and why so what we're looking at now is just holding the ball little throws in a catch in the middle of your hand. All right, I've let that ball now, so all right. So just looking at that and then again with your left hand exactly the same. All right do flavor 10 inch? Not swapping dance to it. Thank you, right then from hand to hand doing it. Once you've done your right and your left hand next one guys with doing them all millions of times before just circling around meets your goals in your hands. All right, so it's in your hands. You're not tucking in on the fat of the ball the whole time. Right. All we're going to do is in the Square here. All right into the square we go just two guys with the balls. Please just two guys with the balls. So we're going to be working in the Square here. All right, and all we're looking to do is try and all the ball in one hand and knock the ball out. Someone else's hand. All right, let's go. Hold on the front of the ball Eileen on the end. Good and change to the boss is someone else put them in your bad. Anne's guys all goes in front. You keep your hands up. You don't drop them. Pull it across your body. Nothing behind don't break. Anybody's Stride Rite was fundamentally wrong with that. All right, why is there no peace on it? Who puts the pace on the first man must run out to the 5-meter line there before he even thinks about passing. All right, as fast as you can let's go. You stop you. Stop Nikki. Stop run through you go run. All right, just Sprint what Charlie? I want everyone starting a Frontline much better much better. Just trying to get the place to think about the timing of the Run moving off different lines. So I'll ask the first guy on the second gate to touch the ball again. So now on the first guy and the second gate touch the ball again, so still the Scissor on the end and then everyone's getting a second touch. Let's go nothing pre-planned. Still I want the pace kept on it so you can have to tell me run. Let's go. Right guys will have to defend this here to defend this getup. Are you listening? The phone is get up. You can do whatever you like. All right, these guys just got to beat you in score on the on the trail and you can't track backwards. That's the only thing you can't do contract backwards color. Go now, I think I think that's a really important thing the environment because if you get the environment, right the players tend to want to be there and they want to do more. So so you as a coach become a real role model and how you sell beer sessions and somehow you want things will ultimately affect how the players develop and how they grow.