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Breakdown Skills - Progressions

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Clearing breakdowns is a vital skill for a rugby player, but mastering the techniques isn't as hard as you think. There are simple movements to learn but they must be practiced at length. The best teams are taught body position as a fundamental breakdown skill to ensure players are technically efficient executor clearing technique. There's no use in going in high. So maintaining balance in a low position is essential. This warm-up drill is called the Frog. I place my hands when I look at you. Okay. So what I'm going to do is this when players are warm, they should start with basic one-on-one exercises to practice body position. Increase intensity by having two players both competing for the ball. Progressing this into a game situation puts pressure on players to make decisions. In this exercise their taxes are trying to get through a wall of tackle Shields. When a tackle is made an extra Defender and Tackle suit attempts to Jackal for the ball support players must react and clear this player out of the way. For full examples go to the continuity section of our CD login and go to coaching exercises then continuity.