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Running Lines in Attack

Modern defensive lines are well-organised and hard to break. It depends on the quality execution of attacking fundamentals. A good introduction is 'unders' and 'overs' running lines. Log in to see the full session.

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This fence is now are extremely organized. So if you come off a lie now and play into a Midfield area. The defense will know exactly how to organize itself. Everyone will know where to go. So the quality of your stripe move will dictate the quality and organization of the defense, you know, sometimes people say, well, you know, the best games are test matches are won with fantastic tactical approaches or whatever. It's actually the best test matches the top games. I think a one because players do their Basics so well, Okay, but if you've got a defensive line in front of us, we need to be changing our lines and asking questions of them. Mike has made the past there. I'm either going to be in here tight or I'm going to be out here right on the end. I'm going to be a bit dumb, which I know it's difficult. But we want to see you working a change of line. Now. If I'm defending in here with my partner what sort of bored you think you're going to want to pass to him. Yeah, you got to put what we call a Nova's line. So he goes away with the pass into the spaces. If I'm defending here out wide what sort of lines you think he wants to take which is just what Mike was talking about there a tighter line. Excellent ball well done. Good line right on. Okay. You're cool. You're cool. Okay, good lightning can't even touch on that one. We should put you right through the holes you see ya. Okay, so you've now got a cool having you jack. Yeah, you're going to be tight on your good leg. Okay off you go well done. Yeah, well done a bit louder get these cures going nice and loud. Oh.