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Breakdown - The Role Of The 1st Man

The breakdown is decided by what the 1st man in support does, this is cruelly exposed in Seven's rugby but in Fifteen's we often miss poor technique because of the number of players involved

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Come sevens or 15. It doesn't matter. The content area is all the same. Nothing changes just have a few more bodies in 15s, but the soil Foundation of it and the essence of it is that first guys decision the breakdown if he does well the works pretty much one even 15s all seven this case. We're going to go bad really quick hassle him. Second guy tackle next God compete fourth guy clear. Push it good my type feet finish him off. Whacker and tree good. Well done. Well done. Rush him get him calling think Colleen insight and tree Bulls on balls, Nate balls and balls stick on the ball. Use your fan juicy elbows transfer the ball when you try being these pads as transfer the ball use your elbow get away from him forward Drew. Grand Chief Bender great entry placemats next day there buddy once night entry spot on but they don't come up because it gives a gap that second bit to make sense. Okay. It's the micro details really the most important, you know, the big picture looks great, but it's how we get there and the steps we take to get there and that's I think that's crucial to coaching. So mu Max once you've got an to respond stay there don't come up to give them that space to attack on that secondary came to work. Okay. So once you get out into spot-on, let's stay there. Please don't come up to give them a space to attack. Good my strong of the bull next one with the bull make fight my turn well done. Those types of understanding of the of the law around the breakdown in the contact area what you can and what you can't do where you can enter from when you can time when that changes is very very pure in the game of sevens and it is a crucial part of being able to maintain possession and also avoid giving away unnecessary penalties.