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USA Sevens - Creating Habits Through Collision Conditioning

Perfect practise is about replicating match conditions in training. Phil Greening outlines his approach and provides some practical examples

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The massive part of the game understanding what you can and what you can't do when you're tired when you're fatigued in a split second is crucial. So we have to create habits in these players so that there is no second guessing there is no misunderstanding. There's no lack of clarity. So they're able to make quick effective clear decisions in those situations is crucial if you want to be effective in the breakdown and tree and Jake McCann work in the tackle. Okay, so we're going to go bad really quick hassle him. Second guy tackle next God compete fourth guy clear one minute. pink friend deal with the fat night while tonight Fanfare pass good boy, Mike a grandparent roommate there with the front doing the same thing with the fat. My good work. Well done Marty my good work. Mate. Double pass. Well done. Well done. Well done oo, Danny and Jake you keep the ball in sevens majority of time you're going to school and you know the times we have to work for 60 to 80 Seconds. You keep the ball for that and be accurate in those areas you end up scoring. So that's the the detail we need to get to so that's why the breakdown in the decision maker that first guy the breakdown be on your ball or the first go into the breakdown of the tackler in defense is so crucial and those decision-making has to be done within a split second. So we need to drill that so it becomes second nature. Good Mary staying next day and next day and night. Extra Joe. Get a full range iruka balls on balls. And recorded sticking their make well done. Hey the school play the score playing School play the D mod side play the D good show. Does Nate pay the school play the score. Well done. The Collision Fitness is a big part of the we've now brought in here and we see in our sort of overall stats and conditioning go through the roof because it's part of the game, you know, you gotta be able to take that impact and deliver the impact and that takes a different Energy System and waste into the body. So it's a big part of the breakdown all that Collision stuff is getting the boys be able to do that again and again and again at high speed high intensity and for a long time.