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Dean Ryan: Turnover Ball

Dean Ryan expresses the importance of turnover ball.

Video Subtitles

What turnover born what everybody's looking for is broken defenses and people in the wrong places. The fences now are extremely organized. So if you come off a lie now and play into a Midfield area, the defense will know exactly how to organize itself. Everyone will know where to go. So the quality of your stripe move will dictate the quality and organization of the defense. So you've got this constant contest going on the key is to get turnover ball or pork kick. You don't have the same level of organization against you there for the opportunities are greater if you can react quicker, so you've got this guy all these sort of mini contest going on within the game all the time and you know, you are basically trying to you know, if you start from a line out and you have a strike move you are trying to disrupt that defense organization by the quality of your strike myth if it's not great quality strike move, you'll have an organized defense. They've got to have another go at it and it gets harder and harder. That's the challenge which is going on all the time. So turnover ball gives that side an instant opportunity to go against people that don't know who's against who and poor kick in is another opportunity get a poor kicky airport Chase and if you wait 20 stone, the last thing you want is a guy we real Wheels coming against you and that's what happens in those situations and organization puts the 20 stone and next to another one and is then got a good Defender there and a good Defender the moment you get turnover ball. You're on your own and that's what you're trying to pick up and trying to capitalize on