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Geech - Lions Coaches were Years Ahead

Were the Lions coaches ahead of the game. The 1997 coaches discuss tackle techniques that are only being implemented now

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The responsibility to defend is everyone's now we got Corbett visit there. Okay, the skill of the players knows as such they can be that we've done on the Range and still get the ball back and so is there any is there any in the little exercise you could design the actually when we do drive them by is done and isolated we win the ball because it's no good driving. It's a good psychological thing driving a man, but that the still retain possession. So I wondered if someone were bags we could actually win and toughness tongue and put them down to them. We come in like the rest of the island takes mentioned that I was speaking about how they've done some of the rugby league defense and we were talking about these double Hicks and getting way off the getting players. Yeah up off the ground the next way of coming in and he said the rugby league boys did a drill with two bags. Anyway if we could get Him to get whoever is and drive them back and turn them and isolate them and then try to come in and drive on it. That's the best ball in the world to get the turnover ball, you know, and it would only need to finish him and we've got skill and I would like to speak about that because I think that we can get an edge. We talked about staying tall. So we used to do boxes arms and running like that and Crouch and getting set gone away from that. Now what becoming known as a catch-all the choke tackle, so it's about creating a more. So it's really important we get that second man in early so we can get our hips tight. We can Target the elbow Target the forearm and take the contact point from here to here that's really important for us since of our technique that would make it tall that will make it static. And we don't allow it to have momentum. What are the things they can talked about upstairs is she's kind of taken the momentum out the tackle and we doing this. So Grange if you're if you what position do you want to be if you're driving you're driving carries? Okay. So what's taking still talk with those guys about upstairs? He's really making the tackle area. Hi so get no up there see really getting your hips nice and tight to it. Okay. What I want you to do now is see if you can hit under the ball. Okay with one man. Okay and just pull the elbow. Okay. So just pulling the elbow up so you trying to see you trying to force that ball up so he's carrying it. However, and you're trying to force that ball with one arm. Yeah. Okay. So just go one-on-one with that first guy in think about hip Square. Yeah. Come on by move it. Because somebody seen it better or seen a better way of doing it and I think if you're not sharing ideas or not prepared to have the confidence in the environment to do that you sometimes Miss some real Pearls of Wisdom. And you know, I've always felt when you getting a group of players together like a group of lions that you've got tremendous Talent, you've got tremendous thinking of the game. Everybody's come from different parts and but they all bring something with them it will how would have hated to have lost something that was in that room that could make a difference and I've always felt that whichever group of players have been involved with