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Game - Defence Touch

Another conditioned game that will test your players' fitness. This requires all defenders to perform a 'down-up' after each touch, before re-aligning. As players become tired, more gaps will appear, testing the defence even more.

Video Subtitles

Defenders are going to go down and UPS. Lots of holes could work. Okay this time down ups for the whole team. So rock conditions of this game the attacker. Okay, you make a touch down bounce get back up again. You could ask the players when they're attacking to do what we call a bounced. So they hit the ground they bounce back up again and then along place so long places where they extend the off side line and place the ball long ways back to their side bit of a battle. Okay, and then long place you play the rest of your team back three meters. Everyone does a down and up. Okay play this game is designed around getting guys working fitness-wise, but also team unit defense. They got to go back three meters Beyond side, Jack Beyond side back you go touch touch Danny get one place long Place could ever scrub off got a score it touched nice score. Okay Reds walkthrough attackers when they take the ball. They've got a bounce get back off drive one Defender stage to give opposition the others get back. Everyone does it down and up? Good school, it's really important to be strict on the conditions for everything. You do personally the techniques that the coach is asking for those conditions that you set are absolutely crucial in the actual personal development of each player. So if we're asking players to do a long place and it's really important to do a long place if you're asking them to do a leg drive if you're asking them to Leach to do some tackling or to compete for the ball. It's really important. They get those technical competencies. Absolutely, right? Otherwise, what happens is that that those conditions become a bit of a mess. They're not done properly and the players lose their disciplines if you have those disciplines or sloppy disciplines, all that will happen is you get to Saturday and the same things will then happen again on a Saturday and you'll find that the disciplines and standards of your team are actually based on the conditions and disciplines of how you train.