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Premiership Rugby coaches talk about the signs they look for in assessing a team or unit and translating this into practical coaching points and plans

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I think ultimately the skills we look for his ability to catch Pass Run and Tackle. I think once it could take some rugby. It's important then that they work on all areas of the game and as they get all the different things will start to become important board meets the basic core skills of catch pass one attack within do that. They can become a little bit player that's finished attack off with getting in a good position over the ball. Go get up. Get up get up good position Steve on your toes Josh on your toes and your toes hands up hands up. Good. Excellent Well Done Right in with come it will be basically building up into more complex stuff of his these the players get older but equally focus on basic Basics right from the first team right right down is essentially thinking well go straight back on your feet straight all the good just in the tackler Chuckles never finished those working trip. I'm going to see you can walk. Max good to go one else said over when Nelson at two three great. Well you too. Well done. Well done. Don't run before you can walk, you know, and that's the kind of bit of the basic thing. We're looking for good targets targets targets targets targets targets targets good stuff. Well done. Well done. Well done. Good. Excellent. Good job. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go and targets targets faster faster faster faster. Good. Well done. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go hands up work work work work work. Good work. Look. He's killed haven't changed. The game hasn't changed. The physicality is changed. So that's key for the modern game, but the fundamentals of the game will never change. It's catch its kick. It's past its doing your basics. Yeah, that game sends thing against very important somebody that sees things isn't totally fixed upon the ball. They are just reliant on their pace and their sizes is often the case with Junior mini would be that they have the game understanding game sense to bring other people into the game and athleticism clearly is really really important and a great attitude. That's what we look for try and judge the pace in the number of bounces. You want to point the ball. So if I'm going to say it did you buy two and I can get it to bounce twice before it kicks up to July. That's a point to me. So I'm going to say to all right. The skills and the techniques are the things that we should hopefully be able to help them with if they've got the basic coordination athleticism, then it's up to us as coaches to give them all those bits onto that. Well, lucky Tom lucky, we develop individual skills. So, you know passing catching decision making as much as possible just having that rugby sense, but more more about dexterity and being comfortable on the ball. Really you can you see it. What we're looking for is good athletes who have great and hand-eye coordination and then we can build into that the Sarabi sense stuff along the way.