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Kicking Games

The coach uses a variety of games - and includes the players in this process - to provide some variety and present different challenges in a kicking session

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five Okay, hold it there changing the rules now after your third pass, right? You've got to kick it to a teammate. So if it's the past is over there, it's got to be kicked to a teammate here. He's got to catch it and then kick it. Alright, if you end up in the middle again, you got to kick it to somebody on the sidelines and their then kick it. Yeah, it's catch three passes kick on your own side. Kick over the net. Okay one more time. That's better nudge. blink it That's good. Perry. Well spotted good. Dave hold it there. Please. Hold it hold it. Hold it. Stop. Stop stop, right, how can we make this more game related to the person who's catching your own kick. Get him on side. Alright, so he's got a Chase and catch what else? What about thinking where you want the kick to go to in the opposition's part of the pitch? Yep, so if I get a ball in there's a massive gap on the left wing. You should be shown hit. It left Tosh bang, right? So it's not I've caught it where shall I go? All right, give him information early, please. Okay passes, please. To one side good check that care. Good Perry, where is he kicking it to what we just said good. Okay, we're going to play we're going to play full pitch. Basically. I don't know what you might call. It was just going to call it kick back. So you're trying to turn the team opposite you back to the Run try line, right? So if you catch the ball on the full, you are allowed to make one pass to a teammate. So probably, you know, ideally for would you can pass it in any direction you want and then that person kicks. If you do not catch it on the full. You have to kick it from where you collect the ball. All right, and the aim is to try and get as close to the goal posts to then take a drop kick and that's how you score by drop-kicking play/stop ball watching an advertising where he wants to be kicking it. That's good. They don't get it passed at least there. Good big doe cane leaving their put it down. Put it down play Jump. Just don't make it always going for it again. That's good. That's good. They can't get to posses if you play for position. Good great, strike GIF. Hi now you've got to push him up felt it. Go make them turn make him turn always out on the phone. Great weight good wait, you've are you got to be pushing them up? Pretty Dolan catch accuracy and distance if you can do it good Hirsch. We're going to play a game of golf. Okay, the first hole is that green padded post there, but it's a complete and utter dog like that. You have to come back on yourself. So you have to go through the goal posts to then come back to score there. So your accuracy to kick straight down there and your wait to get it to land behind the post and then come back through and keep the post. You can use through the Posh yet. You can go over the bar under the bar whatever you want, but it's through the process accuracy is important. Okay, so you choose whatever kick you want to do. All right, and honesty is required because we're going to keep this course. Okay, this is a path for okay. All right. Okay, and if you go over the fence you out. bounds Boston nice nudge that Dave Williams love late It's good. Beautiful pass good control now. I don't just whack it control it guys. Just go. Did he go outside the post move out the way? It's Herschel next? That's good. pass guys, you know, this is where you bring out your spiral kick probably rather than you punt kick to get more distance Herschel good strike unlucky. cocaine sweet I'm glad it needs a green budget. Anyway. Yeah Masters.