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Kicking in Training Games

Community Coach Tamara Taylor explains the challenges and benefits of allowing kicks in conditioned touch games at training.

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We're looking at defensive shape. So play a lot of games the game that we started with was just touch so they were allowed to offload and we looked at our attack yesterday. So I let them kick as well and just to keep that option in there right option though, Eric. I like it. Well done a lot of the time we don't let them kick in games and from personally. I think that kind of stifle their attack a little bit. They really enjoy it. They love the kicking that it's a skill. They massively need in the game the rule I put on was if they kicked it and it went dead so it wasn't a good kick. I went straight into touch with went off then it was a turnover straight away where it was where it was kicked from so that was designated the day before in the kicking game. So they already knew that that's one of my rules. I think it's good for them to practice as long as they're practicing for the right reason. It also meant that the defense had to add another element that they had to defend. So instead of being able to concentrate solely on their push. Also had to start thinking about putting in a fullback or a sweeper and how to stop grubber kick stuff because of let you kick. What issue is that causing right towards the try line for our Defenders? Yeah, little grub is okay. How do we defend that? What can we do? Don't let them kick about how you're going to stop them from kicking. Brilliant pressure. Okay. What did we say with the kind of Defense? We might go for in our 22 on our trial and Blitz. All right, are we happy with calling it Blitz? Okay. Run a trial on babes. What are we gonna do? We're gonna try line. Nice defense boys. And again, look where we are big debate we had was when the attacker up it up by the try line a couple of the boys have got a good grubber kick on and they kept getting nudging it through the Gap. Yep. So we talked about how exactly they were going to defend that they gave me all the answers and then sometimes they executed it. But at least it got them thinking because it's it is I know as a coach it's difficult sometimes to manage the kicking but if you set those parameters right at the beginning of if it's not a good kick though, it's been a bad decision. Then it's a turnover or you lose a player to the sin bin or something then they start actually concentrating on when they're kicking it. Good defense babes. Keep it working. Well covered babes babes much better defense on your own. Try line. Only really want to do is play games because it's relevant to them. It's fun. It's why they play rugby is because it's a team game and they were their mates if they stood in a queue during drills, they get bored and mess around. It upsets the coach and they're also going to learn by doing. So if they're in a game situation there as long as you condition the game enough that it is really looking at that skill that you're looking at then they're going to learn it just as well as student line and doing a drill and I'll enjoy