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Learning to Tackle - Under 9's & Up

The RFU new rules of play have completely changed the approach of introducing young players to tackling. A phased approach may challenge previous methods however by viewing the practical session on this video you can see how the process works

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The good thing about them two nines in this new approach is it's all based on one scale and that's the tackle. So gives the coach nine months to coach one skill as opposed to coaching seven new skills in the scrum line out and everything like this having to squeeze in for six weeks, right? We have to learn all of this and then having your games and actually struggling to fit it all in this tackle offers the opportunity just to learn one thing and really focus in a good thing about it as well is the fact that some of these coaches aren't professionals their mums and dads who have come along and they may not know the game. They may have never played. So this tackle gives them the opportunity to learn at first get confident learn that one skill and then next year they learn another skill and actually give it onto the kids. So the actual learning of one skill makes easier for the child and the coaches are like so at the minute guys, we're going to go into a little bit of tackling going to go from a game that you just played there. I'm going to go and look at something that's going to be really important and underlines. Okay, because it's the only new skill or big scale. It's going to really change it in your age group. Okay, when you go through some quick quick steps. Okay, you'll be my tackling. You're gonna be one getting tackle. It's going to be a side tackle the way I remember it guys is see it hit squeeze it and drive it. Okay. I'm going to ask what you think of those things. So if I say see it, what do you think? I mean, look at what? Look The Tackle fantastic what you mean by look for tackle? Okay, so you can tackle it but where am I looking? We're on the person. Something on his hip fantastic what we want to think now guys is cheek to cheek so bum cheek to face cheek here this expression. Yeah. So we're looking cheek to cheek why all I know guys is I've had a nice summer. I've put on a few pounds and the softest better by body is my bum. Okay, so that's why you looked attack on the bunk. It's nice and soft and your face if you tap it on your hip. It's going to hurt don't want to do that. So we're looking to Go Bump cheek to cheek. So that's what I mean by see it. So that's we're going to look for cheek to cheek. Okay you happy with that hit what do you think? I'm hit? Okay. What if someone runs into me and I've got my arm out and you run through my arm or you run through my shoulder which one's harder why fantastic it's big its strong its part of your body. So that's why we use a shoulder. Okay, so, let's see it and let's hit it. What do you think we mean by squeeze it? Yeah gonna try before fantastic. Just imagine you've got a rope around someone's legs. They try and get that and tie that rope together. They're going down. So we're looking for that ring of Steel. They don't heard that expression before. Yeah, so you would just see that's our son Jesse. So Ring Of Steel and you can bring that tree down. So this is our tree right here you're using to use the Ring Of Steel and that's going to bring them down. So see it hit it squeeze it and let's get you up a little bit. Yeah. There you go. And then drive it what you think we my driver gonna you can tell us since you're demonstrating so nicely. Sighs it would be like pushing down pushing down fantastic. You want to push him down if you can land on them makes it a little bit softer for you just so you can think about but as a safety thing, where do you think he needs to drive away from where's where's his most valuable thing in his body his brain his head. So he wants to drive away from his head. So if he's tackling cheek to cheek which way you think you want to drive that way or that way fantastic. We're going to go R to the 4 point to see it. So see it hit squeeze it drive it. Brilliant, okay, fantastic tackle anyone see any problems with that now, okay. So all you grab a partner and just go through that everyone have a go at tackling. So he's rich just go around just have a little look right so that tackle there what was wrong which I was ahead. Which says it near me? Butt cheek to face sheet. Okay, so that's what you're aiming for this side. Okay, so do it again. Brilliant, okay. We're really trying to get as low as we can. Okay, so I want you to really aim down. Look I know he's a bit shorter than you. We really try and give it a go. We're going side tackle remember side tackle. I look like was about to hear. Okay, so you can tell me the title. So he's on his side Samuel. I want you to cheek to cheek there. Which side your head does it need be to the way see it. So what we're looking to see? two Cheek to cheek. So we're looking to try and get a left left cheek to that cheek. So this side there you go much better. That's what looking to try and do so when you tackle that way. Go let's say Cyril. Hold on. Hold on side. So want to see use that out. You just done which way there you go much better. Okay, fantastic when we get tackled. What do you land on? Okay. Yes, we're looking to do a parachute fall. So no one seemed parachuting before. Yeah, so when they fall out you think they just fall like this why? Fantastic Samuel is the best answers. Okay, so it can't hurt your hands. So I want to see when you get tackled you go down and using your whole body. If you use that cushion that cushion that cushion it's a lot nicer than just putting your wrist straight down. So a few more tackles, but now I want to see the tackler. So can I use you as example the tackler? On one knee and the one getting tackled. He's actually up on his feet. So in a squat position, so what you just like that we're still going side on and just go through that tackles the same process brilliant, but I want to see you really use that shoulder to Lando. Okay. So a few of them tackles just for money everyone up then. Yeah after this. Well, no one on what two more titles each. Nice good title during a steal. We're going inside. Nice thing we could use the ring a steel brilliant. Make sure you keep driving through. Yeah, nice. Yeah, so he's going to be standing there. You're going to get tackled and it's got position. So nice and low. I want you to just go from standing. Straight there you go. I want you to do the same tackle. We've just gone through but from standing still. Okay. So where we going just talk me through it. So see it. So what we tackling cheek-to-cheek fantastic what we hitting it with and what would you have that but we do first yes reason fantastic. So, let's see one tackle anyone see what's wrong with that good tackle good drive. Okay set it up. She's on the wrong side. If its head fell underneath his knee and might hurt a little bit. So everyone in a pair again, I want to see one or two of these circles and we go back into the game gone top tackler. Brilliant Ingrid. Fantastic Circle, this member Tilman were falling down trying for my shoulder. It's a lot easier. Okay, Toby, let's see attack from you then. Keep your arms doing good. Nice. Okay. All I'd say is good tackle to try and get a little bit lower. Yeah, cool trying to promote positive rugby. So just get them involves much you can use constant praise and really pick on the positives if you can find something constructive then say it but make sure that you understand why try their brilliant. Okay. Where is he? What's your name there? Was he just turned the ice in the first two titles really? Well as well you did exactly what I told him to he saw what he's going to tackle use the shoulder and he squeezed really hard. So Brig big praise the married the first two titles fantastic.