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New Rules of Play Under 10s

The New rules for the Under 10's are not compulsory for all clubs however they are explained in this video clip and there are some good practical examples. If you do not apply these rules then you can still use them for some conditions for training

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Okay, cause right what we're going to do we're going to go straight into a game in case we're looking at the new are a few rules. Okay, so just to recap and make sure that everyone fully understand. Okay, it's a normal game of rugby. Acacia is contact. Okay. Once the tackle is complete. We have A1 B1 rug. All right, so nobody else is allowed to come in. All right. So one person from either team can compete for that bull get yourself beyond that ball. Okay, and we play on from there. Okay, do you understand? All right, if there is if there is an infringement, so for example, if there's a knock on wood obviously restart the game with a three-man scrum that scrum will be uncontested. All right, so you can't push once that ball comes in. Okay. It's the three closest people to ever that infringement occurs. It will make up that scrum. It's a restart the game. We don't have a line out. We just start with a free pass. Okay from the touchline. All right, everyone understand. Yeah cool. I'll pitch is very clear. Okay red trial on the cones down there on the 22 and also my red cones down here just before you get to the 22 we're going to start in the middle. Send the or if you introduce these new rules for the under tangent over to look at continuity within the game and certainly with the rules that have come in certain around the contact area encourages the under tends to you know, use the ball and you know knowledge where spaces within a pitch instead of having the stereotypical job roles. For example the forward where their job is simply to clear out a break time break down and you know, it's actually scanning observe what's going on within the game and that allows for a much quicker game as which is what we're all after right 1v1 Get Low that balls out play on. So Shawn could offload excellent gray off lied. Try there to the under tents. There are several new rules that are coming into their game for this year this season. The key ones are around the breakdown era which is where the tackles made and then it is a one-on-one Rock So as I said, it encourages other players to sort of get out of the way of that and look as an attacking option will look after it. Good present present it back play on. Having that one-on-one a breakdown is it is key in terms of players development, especially a young age it as you rightly said it does focus on one player and that player has been got a responsibility to secure that ball for their team or compete for that born and in a defensive way. So, you know personal development is massive within these new rules. It does give each player and added responsibility certainly at that break down area and you know, it's only going to be good for the game in terms of players development from a young age. Good luck after the ball two hands. Excellent one on one that's present the ball good luck body position that balls-out play on terms of restarting the game. You're then looking at a three-man uncontested scrum the players compete in at that scramble be the three closest players to wear that infringement occurs. So it's obviously give it players an opportunity at a young age to understand sort of safety within a technical area such as a scrum and and broaden the knowledge. But then the guy we get had the boat has gone forward slightly. So we're going to restart with the scrum to bibs can up the three closest people. So one two, three, perfect. One, two, three, Casey bind up. Okay. So we're going to put in from this side. Perfect guys my Marks here. Okay. So remember it's Crouch mindset when I say bind. Okay, you need to make sure you hold on to the person opposite. You're obviously not the hooker. You're going to find under the armpits. It's a little bit easier for you. Perfect. Okay, you're going to go over the top because you're the hooker. All right. So you're going underneath you get your arm over the top. There we go. Perfect. Right Crouch bind set. Okay, we're not pushing its bib spool hook it back. It's come off go round pick the ball up play. K1 P1 as my Marks here. So I've said it to the other guys remember it is Crouch bind set when I say bind. You got to hold on to the property that you make sure you're under the armpit under the armpit. Perfect. You're going to see it for me buddy down there perfect Crouch bind set. Let's get our heads in good know pushing her key back pick it up by on so basically the 8v8 set up that they have for the teams competing out reduce numbers allows. Obviously more people to get their hands on the ball within the game. So again, we keep going on about it, but personal development is key. You know, if you have large teams playing at one time, you know, it reduces the amount of time players have with the ball in hand a nice big pitch for them to play on and as we said we're looking for continuity within the game. So it gives them an opportunity to observe where spaces and hopefully utilize that space in a running rugby running rugby game from an early age my That's a 1v1 presents it okay, peeps pool. Pick it up. Good body position. Stay strong. Don't Panic Don't Panic two hands off lied. So some of the skills that we look to implement sort of through the schools and clubs and that that sort of young age, you know, the pros are doing is part of their warm up as well and it's critical that they're done. You know that the players will be the first people to tell you that it is vital that the skills are continuously worked on and a lot of attention goes into detail sort within those Jewels. So, you know, if we can get them in early doors as we do with within our clubs and schools that take part, you know, that that's something that as I said that the pros are doing every day at training and you know, it's what these guys need to be doing as well. Would you admit that was quite a fast game in terms of your offload in which was excellent. Okay. So we're looking to offload out of that tackle one on ones that break down. No, we're looking to recycle that ball quickly so we can get it back in our hands and attach some spaces. Yeah, but thank you. Much well done. Great effort.